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Default opening a NEW html page from Flash in Opera - simple getURL question


I would like to solve the simplest problem I've ever met in Flahs, but I cannot succeed. It works in IE but not in Opera. However, I would like my webpage to work under Opera too.

I would like to open a new html page in my browser from Flash. So not embed an html page, nor use Javascript connenction or something - just make a hyperlink, as I would do in html (a href).

I write:


The IE works normally, opens the website of University of Debrecen in a new page.
While the Opera makes the following:

- opens a new window
- try to open a new webpage, but not the one I specified in the first parameter of the getURL method ("http://www.unideb.hu") - it adds the webserver name (the root directory, or what) as a prefix, and tries to open the address: "weboldalteszt.atw.hu///www.unideb.hu".
- meanwhile it shuts down the original page's Flash content, so I "lose" the original Flash page as well...

If you want, you can check it:

after the preloader click: "Magyar"
from the menus, choose "Linkek"
and click on the first blue "e" letter, in the first row

Normally, you should see the page: http://www.unideb.hu, as it works under IE.

Can anybody help to solve this very-very simple task - I hope I will be able to put a hyperlink on my Flash page under Opera - that shouldn't be so difficult :-)

Thanks in advance,

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szerintem a szerveredel van baj
try hosting it somewhere else. Firefox can't open the page either, and it tries to put some of the original page address in there. I think it has somehing to do with new the host adding a link and IE can handle it better.

good luck
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Default actionscript/javascript

on (release) {

getURL ("javascript:Newpopupwindow=window.open('address_o f_page.html','WindowsName','width=554,height=368,l eft=0,top=0,toolbar=No,location=No,scrollbars=No,s tatus=No,resizable=No,fullscreen=No');Newpopupwind ow.focus();void(0);");
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