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Default Anyone found a way to stream a video, then...

So let's say I'm streaming a .MOV, but then when the video ends I want to automatically launch a flash page... Is that possible?

The idea here is that when people are finished watching a video, a text box can pop up (preferably in the streaming video pane) and receive email address for a database. It's gunna be tricky, but does anyone know if it's even possible?

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Talking Oh, and don't worry about telling me how... I just need to know

If it's possible. Thanks!!
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Yeah it's possible, you need to have quicktime launch that page when it's done playing. You can do that stuff with windows media as well.

But just use FLV files that you can embed in Flash, then this becomes an easy take. You can even import the quicktime video file right into the timeline.
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I remmeber an flash event called onComplete or something like that. I don't remmeber everything but I know that when a movie or music file was done playing that event is triggered. You could have an invisible text box witb a button and when thr onComplete event is triggered set the text box and button to visible so they can enter there email.
Then you can use some server side language like php, asp, jsp, coldfusion. And if you don't already know one of them I've used php for about 1 and 1/2 and know almost everything about it. So hope that helps with everything else.
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Talking Fabulous!

Thanks so much for your help! I'll give it a shot.
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