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Exclamation Stopping movie but keeping sound looping

I’m using a preloader that loads two movies....a long animation and a sound loop. The preloader I use actually controls two other preloader scenes in each of the movies. So, the user gets “Graphics loading” and “Sound loading”, then we are off!!

So, the two main clips are made up like this.....

phase1.wsf (animations)
--scene 1 (preloader)
--scene 2 animation
--scenen 3 (trigger sound loop)
--scene4 (more animation)

phase2.swf (sound)
--scene 1 (preloader)
--scene 2 (1 frame sound loop with “on/off” button)

The preloaders work...then, one movie (of animation) starts and then this triggers the music to start at another point. However, once the sound movie is triggered to play, it plays the sound, then goes back to the first scene (the preloader), considers the movie loaded and stops ...all movies!

You can see the example not working at.....


What I really need is some way to say (in phase1)
--trigger the scene 2 in phase2.swf (I’ve achieved this!!)
and in the sound movie
--don't move off this frame!!

Any attempt to keep the sound movie staying at one point (via a goto command) causes the sound to build on top of itself.

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one thing that i was told by my instructor was,

so i'm guessing that you should to try to just use your preloaders in one scene and everything else on another scene. so in other words try to use just two scenes per phrase.

try that out and let me know if it works.
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Everything I read say break long movies up into scenes. Anyway, that is actually beside the point.

If (in both movies) I only have two scenes (1 being the preloader and the other all the rest) that will not solve the problem. The problem is that the first movie is substantially longer in scene 2 (and beyond) than the second (sound) movie....which in scene 2 is just one frame with the sound loop and an on/off button.

So, the first movie triggers the sound movie and then continues playing. The problem is that the sound movie decides it wants to continue "playing" too....so jumps back to scene 1, decides it is all preloaded and stops...thereby shutting down the animation.

The problem is that in the second scene of the sound movie, if I say "keep playing frame 1" the sound loop builds upon itself time and time again.


Note : It had also been suggested I change the sound to "Start" rather than "Event". This had no effect.
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