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Talking Damsel Seeks Hero! Actionscript Questions!!!

Hi Guys,

I wrote in yesterday, but the response I got didn't jive with what I've actually done - So, I'm providing more info.


Short Form of What I Said:

working on a virtual radio.

I have a POWER button that turns "on" the radio when its pressed. So, like a regular radio, it turns on the music.

The radio has Radio Data System, so it has a text screen that displays information such as song title and artist after the appropriate button has been pressed.

Wanting my radio to be (somewhat) realistic, I want the radio station's name to pop up on the text screen when the power is turned on.

1. What do I do to get text on the screen after initial power-on?

2. Upon power-off, the screen doesn't go blank as a normal radio would. What actionscript techniques can I employ to fix this?

This is what I have for the button's actions:

on (release) {
tellTarget ("/music") {
play ();

Here's my new information:

In Music MC (in main layer 1, under Power button):

layer 1, frame 1 = stop ();
layer 1, frame 2 = music clip
layer 1, frame 3 = stop ();
layer 2, frame 1-3 = empty frames
layer 2, frame 4 =
tone = new Sound("/music");
layer 2, frame 5 = stop ();

In another layer, I have MC's (Dataholder)which are dynamic text fields that hold that external .txt files that contain the data.There is a clear 1st frame, movie clip from frame 2-9,10-19 etc.

Associated with those movie clips are actions on another layer.
frame 1 = stop ();
frame 2-9 =
loadVariables ("http://www.websitename1.asp", "mcdata");
frame 10-19 =
loadVariables ("http://websitename2.asp", "mcdata");


In the buttons layer, the actions for each one is like such:
on(release) {

They begin on frame 1. Should I bump that to frame 2 and and put a stop action on frame 1?

Thanks guys!
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I'm getting confused...new info really got me....Just tell the clip to gotoAndStop() on the first frame...and stop all the sounds!

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