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Brandon Rohde
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Question Upload file from local PC to Server


I have written a small flash application that will be run on a local machine. The purpose of the application is to constantly upload an XML file on a set interval. The XML file is rewritten by a third party software program. I am using flash as the upload method because of its light weight, multi-platform support, and that users can upload files to my server without the need for an ftp account.

Anyways, the XML uploads are working great. I would like to add an option to upload other files however, such as txt, html, and pdf. I have the script written already to detect when new files are written, and then it calls a function to upload the file. The problem I am having however is uploading the file. The best way I can think is to load the file into a string and send it to my PHP script to write to a file, much like the XML() function works. Is there something that will do this? I have looked into the new flash.net.FileResource() function, but that seems to require a user to select a file using a browse button. Is there a way I can hardcode the file that will be uploaded?

In short, I have all the dirty work done, I just need a way to send a file from a local machine to a php script so it can be written to a file on the server. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Flash Gordon
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PHP Code:

getcwd() .'/secure/';
$uploadfile $uploaddir basename($_FILES['userfile']['name']);

    if (
$_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']) {
$ok move_uploaded_file($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'],$uploadfile);
        if (
$ok) {
"File uploaded and moved\n";
        } else {
"File upload but can NOT be moved\n";
    } else {
"Possible file upload attack!\n";

Is it possible to hardcode a file to be uploaded so the user does not need to click browse to select a file?
Um.....probably not. I believe that would be considered hacking.
ActionScript Code:
var file_to_upload:String = "user_tax_papers.doc" if (file_to_upload) {    trace("Boy, hacking is so easy nowadays. Think i will go shopping"); }
trace("Good bye Flash.") Log.i(TAG, "Hello Droid");

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Brandon Rohde
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ok, thanks. I figured it would be a security issue, but I wasnt sure if the user could click a button once to authorize a file to be auto-uploaded every X seconds or something to that nature.
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So you limit the file extensions that can be uploaded...security issue solved. Also, the directory you upload them to, change the settings so no files can be executed there....simple..learned that from the ASP 101 days.
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