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Default Preventing On Screen Flashes?

Hi all,

I have a RIA that I am putting together for my company's new ticketing procedures. So far, I've been pretty good with using best practices to build. I have taken the steps to load all components in from a shared library, kept everything neatly organized in classes, etc.

I have one small problem that maybe someone can help with.

I have a preloader which preloads my sections as they are chosen - No problem there it works fine.

The issue is that after the content finishes loading and then goes to render, there is a really ugly pregnant pause as the screen renders the components I have.

To see what I mean, go to http://www.comedywedding.com/live/boxoffice/swf/
User = guest, Pass = guest
Then click on the "Calendar" tab and see what I'm talking about.

Any suggestions on how to streamline this view would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to see if appear more natural if you know what I mean.

Thanks so much.
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Heh, yeah I hate that component redraw time - the calendar is particularly bad.

Last time I used it, I basically turned off most of the calendars chrome with AS and just have mc's on stage that replaced them...to see what I mean try this URL:


Second link from the bottom of the page takes you to an interactive demo of that site - go under Schedule An Appointment to see how I did that one, seems to come up faster
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