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Default external movie loaded problems


I'm creating a sliding content movie - and am having problems loading an external movie into a movie holder in the sliding content - and then getting scroll buttons contained within the external movie to work when loaded up and live.

You can see both movies here: http://www.detkendesign.com/index2.php


The external movie (approach.swf) loads fine within Flash (ctrl / enter) but not when live and loaded up.

A menu button calls the external movie to be loaded into a movie holder with an instance name (approach_mc):

_root.approach.onRelease = function() {
endX = 0;
endY = -1020;

The movie holder is contained within 2 sub movies - as is the menu.

On the host directory - both the main movie and the external movie are contained within the same sub folder.

Is this an issue of file paths? It seems strange that the external movie loads fine in Flash but not when live. Grateful for any suggestions on this.


Secondly, a scroll function contained within the external movie is not functioning when loaded into the host 'mother' swf within Flash (ctrl / enter) - but works fine when loaded up as a standalone movie (see http://www.detkendesign.com/index2.php)

Any suggestions for this is - and a fix?

Grateful for any help / input into these 2 problems

Many thanx

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is the php file your main movie is loaded into in the same directory also? if not, it is a path problem on the server.... your main movie is embedded into your html/php file.... so you need to set the appropriate path in your flash file to the swf you want to load... or move them all into the same directory.
what the hell was i thinking?
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