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Default Problem with loading unloading clips and dynamic text

Ok so I am stuck here and I can't figure out what the heck the problem is. I can get dynamic text working only when it is on the main timeline, when I try putting it into a movie clip and loading the clip it doesn't show up. Furthermore I am having trouble with unloading the clips. And the more I kept playing with it the more errors keep coming up! Even though I thought I changed everything back to before the problems. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure I am missing something so small and stupid that when someone points it out to me I am going to bonk my head and say doh.

Problem 1: The BlurbBox Clip keeps reloading when the mouse is rolled over the IST@UP button. Don't know how that happened because it was working fine originally.

Problem 2: The dynamic text is not loading into the BlurbBox, I tell it when the clip loads to load the variablenum file ISTatUPDescription.txt at level 0 like I did in my dummy example and it worked.

Problem 3: After you rollOver then rollOut to unload the dropmenu clip and try to rollover it again it brings up an error about loading the dynamic text, whats more baffling to me is that this happens when you roll over all the other menus as well, and I didn't even touch them yet.

Here are my files (seems to be a problem with the attachment manager so I uploaded to my webspace):


The other menus on the MainPage.fla won't load but I haven't even started them yet but if for some reason you want them, you can get the other menus at the /Flash/ directory level.

OK apparently problem 3 is gone now when I just uploaded it to the webspace it no longer happens /boggle.

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Haha ok maybe my problem is too simple for you vets to even download the files or something..

I have a movie clip which has a dynamic text box in it.

The movie clip has the following code:

loadVariablesNum("ISTatUPDescription.txt", 0);

That text file exists within the same directory and contains the following text:


This is where ISTatUpDescription goes!

The dynamic textbox is set to multiline, render text as html, and the var is LoadText.

I have this clip exported as ISTatUPDescription.swf

Now the hovermenu I created has the following code on the ISTatUPbutton:


on(rollOut, releaseOutside)

loadMovie("ISTatUPPage.swf", "_level3");

I also have an invisible button behind the hovermenu which has the following code:


So once again my problems are the movieclip with the dynamic text isn't loading the text, and it is constantly reloading itself when the mouse hovers over the IST@UP button. I have been trying to figure this out for hours now and just can't find out what is wrong.

And when I try and rehover over the resource menu I get this error:

Error opening URL "file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/steveo/Desktop/Internship/FlashVersion/Resource.swf?LoadText=%0D%0A%0D%0AThis+is+where+IS TatUpDescription+goes%21%0D%0A"

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