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Default They just don't seem to read...

Hi all,

For those of you with freelance experience, what is your opinion when you send your resume and your phone number and in the very next e-mail they ask you to re-send one or the other of these items?

I've just had someone ask me two consecutive times for my phone number, as well as times to meet, when I have supplied them this information already... Twice. and then on top of that, this last time asked for the resume again as well. So that means that they need me to send them my phone number three times(!) and my resume and schedule twice out of three emails. I'm really tempted to tell them I'm no longer interested, based on this alone, but I'm halfway convinced that they'll say "thanks for your interest, could you send me a resume telling me more about what you've done, and a phone number?"

In your experience, if a prospective employer has this much trouble keeping track of your contact info, are they worth working for? Is it a harbinger of bad news in other areas? Are they more likely to "forget" your pay schedule or your payment address as well? Your reports? Your project progress?
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I'd make sure I'd take money upfront and then before the sources are turned over. Deal with what you can, and remember when you freelance you are basically a whore (btw, all i do is freelance). If you can afford to turn down a potenial job then great, but if not you better try as hard as you can to get it.
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I understand what you mean. I just have no idea what this prospective client is thinking... I mean, all the information they asked for is in the e-mail that they hit reply to. They could have seen it right there in the text box as they were writing their own mail to me since it was at the very top of my reply to them. If they didn't see it there, then for god's sake where would they see it?
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Definitely get the money upfront. Or if it's a big project, before handing in any work at the different stages or whenever you make a 'milestone'.

If they didn't notice all the info's already in your resume, they might also 'be unable to notice' your bank account, the amount of money agreed on or ever the fact that money is to be paid altogether.

Very sloppy first impression. So, take extra care !
Link ?
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