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Default Simple stuff inside

Ok since I am new I don't know much so u'll have to bear with me. If some questions sound stupid I am sorry for being such a dumbass but I have three questions here that I reckon most people will be able to answer.

1) The first one what is an MC and what does it do?!

2) Second, the symbols, graphic, button and movie clip, what is the difference between what they can do with each other?

3) Already knowing a tad on buttons I know that when you convert somt to a button there are four things come up in the timeline, I seen it in another post the other day. I just wanted to know what where they and how do you get them to appear in the timeline as on mine a button symbol looks exactly the same as a graphic in the timeline

Thanx for your time

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You know, the answers are included in the helpfile F1 ... but since they are so cryptic ... and this is very important stuff u need to understand BEFORE the rest makes any sense :

1. mc is short for movie clip
2. a- A graphic is a static image/animation. It can be set to loop, but is not used for dynamic stuff.
2. b- A button is ... a button. Use these to let the user interact with your movie.
2. c- A movieclip (mc) is a smaller version of a movie if u'd like. It can contain graphics, buttons, textboxes, other mc's and even swf's. Use these if u want to be able to interact with anything or change stuff at runtime.
3. The up state is how your button looks by default. The over when you roll your mousepointer over it. The downstate when u click the button and the last is the hit area of your button. If u only fill the last, u have an invisible button, which can be clicked, triggerd etc.

I suggest u read a couple of our tutorials here . Also, read the forum rules. Thread titles need be helpful. Good luck ! Let us know when things are unclear.
Link ?
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a good starter to give you the basics of the basic, is to do the lessons found in flash under 'help'. covers buttons, graphics, and movieclips.
what the hell was i thinking?
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