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Default Please tell me what you think

Hi, this is our website which shows all the products we sell, mainly are about e-learning.
I would really appreciate your feedback about any thoughts, good and bad.
Our Website
Many thanks!!!
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nicely put together - the problem i have with it is that each time i click a tab on the main page it goes into a pre-loader - its a bit of a navigating pain but apart from that good site.
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I would get rid of the frown face for low bandwidth. While it may not be as rich an experience you don't want people to feel bad about it.

The home page of the Flash site, doesn't really tell me anything. It has all of the navigation, but no information about the site. Here you should introduce users to the site and provide some instruction on how to use the site.

Have the butterfly go away once the welcome page loads. It's distracting to have it there the whole time.

Don't use mailto: for your contact links. Build a contact form that uses your email server to send the mail, not my mail client. It's more professional that way.

Why do you have two links for CDs to buy? Why not have them all listed under one link. You could have different catagories, but the same link.

I agree with skjc, you could have the site preload so the loader isn't required everytime. Also the movement, while cool at first gets old after moving around the site for awhile. It should be about 2 to 3 times as fast, very fast movement.

The site seems to suffer from a lack of branding. The top has a grid pattern. The middle seems like it comes from a third party, not the same branding as the top. There is a gel style button in there. The bottom has an XP style Icon and some green halo looking tabs. You should choose one style and stick to it all the way through the site.

All in all, the site is pretty cool. Nice work.

I don't feel tardy.
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