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Default Changing text size for dynamic text

Hey guys,

So I've got some dynamic text that I want to concatenate some text onto. Sometimes, however, I want to change the font size of that text. At the moment my code looks something like this but it doesn't work; even if "anotherCondition" is met, the text (unfortunately) does not change:

Any ideas? Thanks! (I'll post my actual code if needed, but it's a mess and will need some cleaning up for readbility...happy to do so though if preferred)

myTextFormat = new TextFormat();
myTextFormat.size = 10;
myTextFormat.bold = true;


    if (anotherCondition)
	myTextFormat.size = 14;

    accumulatingText.text += newText + newline;

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place a text box names box_txt on stage and write this code at the first frame of the maintime line .. (the code is from the flash help)
PHP Code:
var format1_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
format1_fmt.font "Arial";
format2_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
format2_fmt.font "Courier";
string1:String "Sample string number one."+newline;
string2:String "Sample string number two."+newline;
box_txt.multiline true;
box_txt.wordWrap true;
box_txt.text string1;
firstIndex:Number box_txt.length;
box_txt.text += string2;
secondIndex:Number box_txt.length;

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