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Default Building a Drag-and-Drop Shopping Cart

Im trying to create a very simple drag and drop style shopping cart in Flash.
The idea is to have a .asp page send a list of words to flash and using the words recieved, allow the user to drag and drop them into a shopping cart. Using hitTest() send the words that are in the shopping cart(movieClip) back to the .asp page.

Any help on how best to approach this will be much appreciated!!
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Its a great idea, do you have existing code?
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Default reply

I found a drag and drop Flash shopping cart at http://useinfotech.com

I sent them an email asking if they would send the code for the small one on their site and well:

//first frame
name_x = getProperty("/name", _x);
name_y = getProperty("/name", _y);

//create a button named item which can be an image, and create a movie clip called itemfader. The fader is a 3 frame clip that is invisible on the first frame, half visible on the second frame and full visible on the third frame. In the main timeline, stack the button on top of the fader.
Add this script to the button:

on (press) {
tellTarget ("/item"){
on (release, releaseOutside) {
if (getProperty("/item", _droptarget) eq "/cart") {
/orderform:quantity1.text = Number(/orderform:quantity1.text)+1;
/orderform:total1.text = /orderform:quantity1.text*15;//price
setProperty("/item", _visible, 0);
tellTarget ("/itemfader"){
} else {
setProperty("/item", _x, /:item_x);
setProperty("/item", _y, /:item_y);
tellTarget ("/itemfader"){

Duplicate the above movieclip and button,name the instances item2, add the same above code to that button, but change item to item2.
Now create a movieclip and give an instance name of cart. Place that clip on the frame one timeline.
Create a movieclip and give an instance name of orderform. Inside the movie clip "orderform" is a dynamic text field named quantity1, a dynamic text field named total1, a dynamic text field named total2, and a dynamic text field named grandtotal. The actionscript in the "orderform" clip is:

grandtotal.text = Number(total1.text)+Number(total2.text)

You can add a submit button inside the "orderform" movieclip such as this paypal one:

on (release) {
paypal = new LoadVars();
paypal.item_name="Complete cart order";
paypal.amount=Number(total1.text)+Number(total2.te xt);
paypal.handling ="0";

I think that's everything, or at least it gives you the idea.
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