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Default Help with falling objects loop


I want to make a game where you as a player have to avoid objects falling from the sky. I already have the movement code, but i have a question regarding the falling objects.

I have this code:

var numOfObjects:int = 6;
var fallingObjectArray:Array = [];
var speed:Number = 3;

// Add 10 falling objects to the display and to the array
for(var i:int = 0; i < numOfObjects; i++) {
   var fallingObject:Sprite = new Sprite();
   fallingObject.graphics.drawCircle(0, 0, 15);
   fallingObject.x = Math.random() * stage.stageWidth;

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveDown);

function moveDown(e:Event):void
   // Go through all the objects in the array and move them down
   for each(var fallingObject in fallingObjectArray) {
      fallingObject.y += speed;
      // If the object is past the screen height, remove it from display and array
      if(fallingObject.y+fallingObject.height >= stage.stageHeight) {
         fallingObjectArray.splice(fallingObjectArray.indexOf(fallingObject), 1);
   // Once all objects have fallen off the screen, remove the listener
   if(fallingObjectArray.length <= 0) {
      removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveDown);
It's perfect for my game, but: in each level i want this code to happen like 5 times. How can i do this? I already copy-pasted it and put it on another frame, but ofcourse it says that the functions already have been declared. (even tho i removed the "var" etc.)

Is there another way to make this code loop every 2 seconds? Thanks a lot.
If things are unclear, tell me.

Not sure if this topic was supposed to be posted in Actionscript 3 or newbie help.
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Help with falling objects loopHelp with falling objects loop
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