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9 Shoutbox
Back End 2010-04-09 0 0 kb
Author: David Foote | homepage: http://urbanvineyard.hostzi.com/shoutbox/shoutbox.html
Description: An open-source Shoutbox with live update and server polling - for very minimal browser and server footprints - running off a flash front end and utilising a mysql and php backend. A working example and installation instructions can be seen here http
MX2 Photoblog World Map 1.0
Back End 2004-09-16 0 67 kb
Author: Mark Zeman | homepage: http://www.allthegoodness.com/photos/map.php
Description: Plots images and locations onto a world map using latitude and longitude information from an external xml file. Php script to generate xml is included or you can edit the included example by hand if you don't have database information to feed in. All
FunctionList: movieclip XML
5 page statistic and ccTLD language detection, PHP, MySQL
Back End 2004-08-06 0 8 kb
Author: Folko Langner | homepage: http://www.advance-media.com
Description: Host domain suffix ccTLD and 2LD (gov.uk or edu.au) real time page statistic, traffic analyzer and language / country / island detection (tracking and providing different content for more than 250 country code TopLevelDomains).
FunctionList: loops color movieclip functions properties load
Back End 2004-07-20 0 5 kb
Author: Folko Langner | homepage: http://www.advance-media.com
Description: GMTtimer, Flash's Date (object) is set by the current GMT php host server timestamp. No predating any more by resetting the client sided system clock. The timer can be set to your local time zone.
FunctionList: loops date functions properties
Back End 2003-07-03 0 7 kb
Author: Folko Langner | homepage: http://www.advance-media.com
Description: small, fast and reliable database driven HIT TRAFFIC COUNTER. FLASH 5, PHP, MySQL. Easy to install...modular...plus administator page...
FunctionList: loops movieclip functions load
MX Form + reply with Php
Back End 2003-06-05 0 27 kb
Author: Jose Juan M. | homepage: http://www.ocreativo.cjb.net
Description: Hello, This is my contribution Form + reply with PhpIt is a form pre-formed flash to work with PHP, (flash + PHP)This ready to work, it contains instructions and all thenecessary ones at the moment, in addition that this in opera
FunctionList: movieclip load
MX Ramadan
Back End 2003-06-03 0 175 kb
Author: Mohamed Fawzy | homepage: http://
Description: thise movie look like as a card for Ramadan Month for the Moslim
FunctionList: movieclip sound
MX XML Imagegallery
Back End 2003-02-09 0 0 kb
Author: Matthias Kannengiesser | homepage: http://www.flashstar.de
Description: A simple xml based imagegallery.
FunctionList: XML functions load
MX xml.sendandload with php
Back End 2003-01-18 0 13 kb
Author: jim burton | homepage: http://
Description: this movie uses xml.sendandload to send user login details to a php script, where they are checked and an xml object is sent back to flash, which detrmines the next step in the movie...
FunctionList: XML load
MX Webcamviewer v1.03 bugfree! video stream viewing app
Back End 2002-12-17 0 1 kb
Author: Rob Ressmann | homepage: http://www.symbionts.de
Description: this is the bugfree update of my webcam scriptplease take this one to avoid memorybugs (out of memory errors) and caching bug by the users of your webcam!
FunctionList: loops date math movieclip object selection clipevents functions properties load
Your search for returned 28 results. 1 2 3

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