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9 Simple Car Animation
Basics 2011-01-12 0 0 kb
Author: Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan | homepage: http://www.masia3.com
Description: A simple car animation on hill way...
9 Flash animation tutorial video
Basics 2010-04-09 0 0 kb
Author: bugra ozden | homepage: http://www.flafolder.com
Description: - Layer - Frame - Library - Movieclip - Create motion tween - Insert frame - Insert key frame - Guide
8 Create Simple Button in Flash
Basics 2008-05-29 0 0 kb
Author: makubex | homepage: http://www.getw3help.com
Description: In this tutorial we will discuss about, How to create a simple button in flash. This tutorial covers about rollover effects and opens a web page when the user clicks on the button.
8 Basic Calculator
Basics 2006-10-04 0 4 kb
Author: Hakan Camoglu | homepage: http://www.camoglu.net
Description: This is a basic calculator example with actionscript 2.0
FunctionList: loops
8 EASY tabs
Basics 2006-08-23 0 3 kb
Author: THEJTH | homepage: http://
Description: I finally found a way to make a multi paged file without tons of actionscript! all that is there is on (release) { gotoAndPlay ()
5 Eye Button
Basics 2006-04-04 0 2 kb
Author: Sadia Batool | homepage: http://www.eITBuzz.com
Description: Mouse Over the eye, it will Drop tears and eye closes on click and set the url to the Site.
MX Nosh Car Illustration
Basics 2006-03-09 0 7 kb
Author: Nosh | homepage: http://www.noshirpanthaky.com
Description: A cool car illustration done in FLASH MX. For more info on me, my designs and work, Please visit my website.
MX Glamor Girl
Basics 2006-03-09 0 12 kb
Author: NOSH | homepage: http://www.noshirpanthaky.com
Description: Glamor Girl - Illustration in flash, visit my site for more illustrations in flash and other designs.
MX Blinking Girl
Basics 2006-03-09 0 8 kb
Author: NOSH | homepage: http://www.noshirpanthaky.com
Description: 'Blinking Girl' illustration and a bit of animation for her eyes to blink. Visit my site for more info on action scripting and other info about my work and me.
MX Slash Efficet
Basics 2005-12-17 0 2 kb
Author: Vivek MR | homepage: http://www.softland.co.in/vivek
Description: Check this cool lighting efficet.. it might be usefull for.. For more Ideas please visit my personals website.
FunctionList: color movieclip object
Your search for returned 30 results. 1 2 3

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