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Effects 2008-11-02 0 0 kb
Author: Rinaldo | homepage: http://www.numericgraphics.com
Description: First post, Smoky loader with a particule class find in a very good book : Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation
8 blendMode
Effects 2006-10-21 0 22 kb
Author: François Figlarz | homepage: http://www.legumesdesaison.com
Description: just messing with blend modes and _xmouse position...
FunctionList: functions
MX Flash Screensaver
Effects 2006-09-04 0 8 kb
Author: Niklaus Gerber - Soulgrid active media | homepage: http://www.soulgrid.com
Description: This is a very handy script. After implementation on your side you can load any animation you would like. If the mouse is not moved for a defined time, the screensaver will start playing. There are of course a lot more possibilites with that script.
FunctionList: loops movieclip clipevents properties load
MX Introdcation
Effects 2006-03-09 0 22 kb
Author: Vivek MR | homepage: http://www.vivekmr.com
Description: Hi all,Check this cool efficet,it might be helpful when u will creating ur introdaction movie.
8 Simple Preload Glow Spiner
Effects 2006-03-09 0 67 kb
Author: Juan C. Alemany | homepage: http://www.musastudios.com
Description: Easy Preload, Glow Masking effect, Simple Preload for Flash 8, Preloader animation effect of an spining glow usign mask and new filters utilities, Easy to use preload, simple, stylish, similar to the loading effect on the msn for macs.
FunctionList: clipevents properties load
8 Flashstar Matrix FX 2006
Effects 2006-03-09 0 15 kb
Author: Matthias Kannengiesser | homepage: http://www.flashstar.de
Description: The Flashstar Enter the Matrix Effect 2006. Needs Flash 8.
FunctionList: loops color movieclip
MX Ripple effect scripted
Effects 2006-03-09 0 4 kb
Author: hichem | homepage: http://rockwave.flashmaster.ru
Description: That's a movie showing ripple effect scripted and vector based
FunctionList: loops math functions printing
MX Lamp Efficet
Effects 2005-12-17 0 6 kb
Author: Vivek MR | homepage: http://www.softland.co.in/vivek
Description: Hi..All check this fire effect.. it might be useful for u..
FunctionList: loops color movieclip object
8 Xmas Blue Flame
Effects 2005-12-05 0 25 kb
Author: Ivan Diamante | homepage: http://www.diamante.cjb.net
Description: Xmas E-Card, Text Effect using Flash8: import BitmapData, BlurFilter, GlowFilter and ColorTransform;
FunctionList: color clipevents functions properties
MX2 Burning Paris
Effects 2005-11-09 0 27 kb
Author: Ivan Diamante | homepage: http://www.diamante.cjb.net
Description: Fire and Flames Dynamic Effects, Flash8 Glow and Blur Filters, BitmapData.
FunctionList: math movieclip sound clipevents properties
Your search for returned 105 results. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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