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8 Música
Sound 2006-05-22 0 42 kb
Author: Luís Galo | homepage: http://www.luisgalo.ar.gs
Description: Este filme guarda a musica que seleccionou, mesmo após ter fechado e voltado a abrir o filme. Clique num dos vários botões e fixe o número da música que ouve. feche a página e volte a abrir verá que a musica que toca é aquela que clicou em ul
FunctionList: sound
MX2 B Radio! Radio Streaming utilizando middleware XML
Sound 2005-06-28 0 57 kb
Author: Borys Marcelo Borches Herrera | homepage: http://
Description: BRadio .zip completo (estrutura + xmls + flas) Abrao BoryS
FunctionList: loops math movieclip object sound XML load
MX2 B! Radio
Sound 2004-12-24 0 57 kb
Author: Borys Marcelo | homepage: http://
Description: Radio com carregamento de som externo com xml. O som streaming. Ele carrega e depois de um tempinho j comea a ser executado dispensando preloader. Qualquer dvida manda um email borys@tre-sp.gov.br
FunctionList: math movieclip object sound XML properties load
MX2 Sequencer
Sound 2004-09-06 0 25 kb
Author: Nick & Helen Kouvari | homepage: http://www.freestuff.gr/lightforce
Description: This is a simple music sequencer with 5 instuments kick,hithat,clap,moog,303ish
MX Volume Adjuster
Sound 2004-08-06 0 1 kb
Author: Reuben Brown (Dr Warm) | homepage: http://
Description: I'm sure you've all seen these before, but i've never found the source, so i made one instead!
FunctionList: sound
MX drag_player
Sound 2004-02-12 0 9 kb
Author: energypixel | homepage: http://www.energypixel.com/
Description: Drageble player.
FunctionList: sound
MX SardiniaByNight Mp3 Music Player
Sound 2003-08-05 0 59 kb
Author: MarkBusi | homepage: http://www.sardiniabynight.it
Description: Lettore di File Mp3 Caricati su SWF esterni in Streaming.. Very Figo!
5 BlueCacao
Sound 2003-05-02 0 30 kb
Author: Salvatore Scandurra | homepage: http://www.geocities.com/aperitif_au_vent/index.html
Description: Combination of a drum machine and a synth-sequencer, featuring a file manager to store songs on users' hard drive.
FunctionList: loops movieclip object sound selection functions
MX mp3Player
Sound 2003-03-13 0 20 kb
Author: Theron Parlin | homepage: http://www.0factor.com
Description: This is an update to the original mp3Player I posted a while back and should replace the original. This one is much more a "plug and play" movie. You should be able to drop it into your main movie (or use loadMovie) with no problems and start using i
FunctionList: loops movieclip sound clipevents functions load
MX Dr.Swanks Sound Button
Sound 2003-02-13 0 37 kb
Author: Julian Sander | homepage: http://www.juliansanderobjekte.com
Description: This is my sound object again. I have included a F5 and a MX version due to many requests I have recieved. Both files are in the download.
FunctionList: sound clipevents
Your search for returned 23 results. 1 2 3

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