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MX dos text FX
Text Effects 2005-06-10 0 2 kb
Author: anilmathew | homepage: http://www.sdws.info
Description: see this dos text fx and enjoy :-0
FunctionList: loops
MX decoder text animation
Text Effects 2005-03-29 0 15 kb
Author: benjamin saravia | homepage: http://silverdesk.com
Description: decoder text animation. looks like someone is decoding th text. I saw this effect and started from the scratch. It's a pretty simple code, since I am not a programer.
FunctionList: movieclip object
MX2 LoTR Oneway Elvish Translator
Text Effects 2005-03-08 0 32 kb
Author: KiLLer | homepage: http://
Description: Translate english into JRR Tolkeins Elvish based on www.graycompany.org's Elvish dictionary (PDF) (only oneway for now)
MX Decoder Effect
Text Effects 2004-08-11 0 18 kb
Author: Jerome Fernandez | homepage: http://www.geocities.com/jer0me_09
Description: an animation on decoding
FunctionList: loops math properties
MX Links in diffrent textfields
Text Effects 2004-07-20 0 0 kb
Author: Stefan Laurin | homepage: http://wwww.actionscript.se
Description: loop out links in diffrent textfields with custom made objects
FunctionList: loops object
MX Orbit
Text Effects 2004-05-02 0 17 kb
Author: John Papoutsanis | homepage: http://www.lesvosinfo.gr
Description: A simple effect of elliptical movement of text
FunctionList: loops math
MX Arc Text
Text Effects 2003-08-22 0 43 kb
Author: Hamid | homepage: http://
Description: this movie shows a text as an arc
FunctionList: movieclip
MX Lover?s Day - Flash Poetry
Text Effects 2003-01-20 0 122 kb
Author: Ivan Diamante | homepage: http://www.flashlight.kit.net
Description: Floating/rotating menu with simple text effects
5 ws
Text Effects 2002-12-29 0 29 kb
Author: caroline | homepage: http://www.dynamicfactory.com
Description: it's raining letters !!
5 Drag and Drop Text Effect
Text Effects 2002-09-14 0 42 kb
Author: Anand | homepage: http://www.whatudidinflashtoday.com
Description: 1. Drag and drop the smartclip/component for the library.2. Go to Clip Parameters change the effect you want. There are three effects available.3. You can change the color and font also
FunctionList: loops movieclip
Your search for returned 29 results. 1 2 3

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