The Swing Package for ActionScript 3.0 (SPAS 3.0) provides a set of "lightweight" classes for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) with the Flash Platform.

SPAS provides the following benefits for Web applications developers:
  • Ease of use - Using the SPAS APIs are extremely easy. APIs are designed as high level APIs that allow very little coding. SPAS syntax issimilar to the Adobe components syntax. This will allow you to quickly start building your own Web applications based on the Flash Platform.
  • Performance - SPAS is a really lightweight framework. Web sites built with it are at the same time lighter and more ergonomic than the others.
  • SaaS - By combining SPAS 3.0 API and the free ONYX SDK, you will finally have the opportunity to financially profit from your Flash Developer skills.
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