Product review: The FlashMoto CMS (Version 1.1.8).


The FlashMoto CMS is a combination of a high quality Flash website template and a powerful Flash based CMS. All templates I was able to see/test were of high quality, well designed, bug free, Flash SEO friendly and original. The FlashMoto team is especially working on developing new templates and expands its already impressive collection of templates. The CMS coming along each template you buy is a very intuitive Flash CMS allowing you to manage every aspect of your template but also customize it and of course edit it. Customizing and editing your template is done via a powerful, yet easy to work with, graphic interface, no coding knowledge necessary. This is a great product for any Flash designer/developer looking to create stunning Flash websites with CMS for a very tight budget and in a minimum amount of time spent. This product could also be perfect for any web designer with no knowledge of Flash at all!



Installing the FlashMoto template/CMS on your server is very easy; just make sure your server/host provider meets the FlashMoto installation requirements. Once your product is activated you can start using the FlashMoto CMS to customize your template.


Using the CMS:

The intuitive FlashMoto CMS graphic interface allows you to customize your template very easily. You can add texts, graphics, and of course add new pages, subpages and so on. In only a few hours you can have your new stunning Flash website up and running without writing a single line of AS code. The CMS comes with a few widgets like video player, galleries, music player and so on. You manage your assets (video, pictures, music) directly from within the CMS.


Switching templates:

In theory FlashMoto allows the replacement of one template by another. Coding might be necessary and should only be done by an advanced coder. The FlashMoto framework documentations are still in development.



I consider the pricing of FlashMoto CMS to be very fair. For a price of around $200 and $250 (one template+CMS) you can setup a stunning and professional Flash website fully SEO optimized (coming with deep linking too), with a complete Flash CMS in only a few hours of work.


User management:

Managing CMS users is not available at this point but will be in future version of the FlashMoto (starting with version 1.2).



Data is saved in external files but future version of FlashMoto will store data in database.


Adapting existing website for the FlashMoto CMS:

It’s possible in theory but only advanced coder should undertake such task. Also the FlashMoto framework documentation is still in development.


Creating website for the FlashMoto CMS:

Here again it’s possible in theory but only for advanced coder. 



The FlashMoto team has done a wonderful work in creating this FlashMoto CMS and all the templates they have created are really of very high standard and quality. This product is young of course but has a great potential. User management, database access, framework documentation will come in future version and will push forward the already impressive and accomplished FlashMoto CMS.