Color Spectrum Chart is a AS3 tool for creating different types of color spectrum chart. It is very useful for custom color picker. This class includes ColorUtils class, another class which is useful in manipulating colors.

This is PURE CODE and PURE CALCULATION, using pixels and arrays. Absolutely no images embeded. This only requires 2-kb of filesize, and the speed is well analyzed and it is very fast.

I have no liable in other color spectrum charts or others. This class is purely coded and no tools, besides with FlashDevelop, has been used. I'm sharing this to others with no charge. Again, The images (Bitmap) that comes out after finishing this tool was not intended to copy with the others. It is only how it was output by the algo.

The AS3 file is documented well, and will easy to be use by other developer. The tutorials is in the class itself as well as in the ColorUtils class.

Source code here (used FlashDevelop, if using Flash IDE/FLEX, just copy the src foloder and use the
Demo here.
Original story here.