SWF & FLV Toolbox is easy-to-use, feature-rich and qualitative software. One of its great features is the possibility to convert SWF to EXE format. You can convert one SWF to EXE or many SWF files to EXE format simultaneously.

To convert SWF to EXE perform the following:


1.         Visit http://www.swf-kit.com/flashtoolbox.html and download this great SWF to EXE converter from there by pressing the “Download” button. Then follow simple, quick and comprehensive installation process;

2.         Launch SWF & FLV Toolbox and choose one of the conversion modes it offers: either “Convert one file” or “Convert many files”. If you choose the latter, you can convert multiple SWF files to EXE at once;

3.         Select initial SWF file(s) you will be converting to EXE. Then select the output format: enable “Convert to EXE” option; 

4.         Choose the folder you want the resulting file to be saved to or leave the default path intact. Enable “Save result in the same folder where source is stored” option if you want the output EXE to be saved to the same folder with initial SWF;

5.         Now you can just press “Convert” button and you are done, because SWF & FLV Toolbox has the most efficient settings applied by default to make the conversion process even more easy for you;


However, if you are interested in Advanced settings for Flash to EXE conversion, press “Show advanced settings” button to unfold the selection of various settings that can be applied to resulting EXE:

6.         You can choose either creating standard Flash player (EXE) or Advanced Flash player (EXE). Standard player mode allows "wrapping" your original SWF into a standalone application with such parameters as adding a file description, copyright notice, file version, etc. You can run this Flash player EXE on any computer, even the one that doesn't have Adobe Flash player AX installed. Advanced Flash player mode allows applying various useful settings to your EXE, thus making your application absolutely unique and standout. More than that, after converting SWF to Advanced Flash player EXE your Flash game, animation or quiz will be working absolutely the same way as before, but now it will also be protected from decompilation and will work without installation of any additional programs;

7.         Now press “Convert”. Depending on the files size and quantity, the conversion process may take some time. As soon as the process finishes, you can either open the folder with the resulting EXE by clicking “View result” button or press “Continue” to proceed your work with SWF & FLV Toolbox.

So now you got EXE file that features all the parameters you have chosen for it. You can run it anytime even if you have no browsers or Flash players in hand (if you have enabled the corresponding setting). This EXE application can be launched and used on different Windows OS's.