Weaverant™ is a Content Management System made for Adobe Flash developers and their clients.

Usually the most tedious task of any web site project is creating the backend structure that supports it. Weaverant™ makes that a breeze.

Developers will get their backend ready for production before writing a single line of code.

All they need is to configure the contents they want on their site and organize them the way they need.

They will be able to insert, edit and remove contents, manage files and images and access them using XML, JSON, AMF or a php API.

One of the main concerns while developing Weaverant™ is reliability, so Weaverant™ is accepting subscriptions for a private Beta Programme. This will help with improving Weaverant™ and make sure that everything works as expected.

You can apply for Beta at http://www.weaverant.com/betaprogramme