Adobe has released an update for Adobe BrowserLab, its hosted service that allows Web designers and developers to quickly and easily preview websites in different browsers and operating systems so they can maintain design consistency and integrity across multiple screens. This BrowserLab update -- which will be of particular interest to Mozilla Firefox users -- is the latest round of updates based on customer feedback and Adobe’s continued effort to help Web professionals conquer cross-browser compatibility. Key new features in this update include:

 *   An add-on for Firebug that gives Firefox fans powerful new functionality for quickly previewing edits they’ve made with Firebug and previewing how those edits hold up in other browsers;
 *   Safari 5 support which maintains commitment to supporting popular browsers;
 *   Additional Dreamweaver CS5 integration enhancements; and
 *   A new comparison tool enhancement called Smart Align, which lets users align screenshots to a specific point area of a page, for browsers that position pages differently.

For more information about Adobe BrowserLab go to To download the new Firebug add-on for BrowserLab visit And to see video demonstrations of the new BrowserLab features, click on one of the three URLs below.