Guitar Hero concept using MIDI

Hehe! This is very interesting, in this example I'm not generating any audio at all, it is just a Mp3 file playing in the background (synchronized with a MIDI file). This example works completely in the other way round, the sound rely totally on the animation and the animation rely on FPS (frame rate), If the animation get stack the sound stops completely. In this case what I did was just placed some notes in fruity loops on top of the mp3 and them generate a MIDI file to control the animation synchronized with the music.

This demo didn't take long, no more than couple of hours, it so easy to build a Guitar Hero logic based on Midi files. Each finger is a note and each instrument is a MIDI channel, that's all! Take a look.

Yeap, here is the guitar hero concept source code.

Well, I think it is all for now, feel free to contact me if you would like to clarify any doubts you have about MIDI and Flash, see you!


Finally I got the chance for writing some documentation about all this MIDI files research in flash.

check the online detailed documentation Midi Files Reader
some demos midifiles examples, feel free to ask if you have any doubt.