Tutorial details:
Written by: Jesse Stratford
Time: 30 - 60 minutes
Difficulty Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Requirements: Flash 5, PHP compatibility.
Topics Covered: How to create a dynamic system which allows users to customize a SWF's layout and save these settings for review later.
Assumed knowledge: This tutorial isn't easy. You need a sound understanding of Intermediate ActionScript and some technical back-end knowledge would help too.

Grab the source to this project. You will need it in this tutorial.

First thing's first: "What's with the difficulty rating on this one - Intermediate / Advanced ??"
That is there to show you that this tutorial isn't as easy as some of the other Intermediate level tutorials and I'm not going to hold your hand in this one as much as I normally do. I assume that you are capable of doing a project like this before you begin. If you're a newbie/beginner, the sad truth is that if you try this tutorial you will probably waste both of our time, because you will post lots of questions about it on the Forums. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of Beginners trying new things, just not stuff which is way over their head. This is a difficult task, please learn the basics first.

With that said, welcome to those of you who didn't just press Alt-F4. This task isn't terribly difficult but I anticipate this will be a popular tutorial amongst people with no Flash experience because everyone seems to want to be able to do this sort of thing, and most aren't willing to start at the beginning.

In this tutorial we're going to cover how to create a dynamic content storage and recall facility. I've decided to make the application an ECard system but the truth is that this tutorial could be used to create similar effects to those on Yugop.com (with a lot of advance alterations) or a simple guest book.