Well, I'm surprised to say that it's my first Flash In The Can. Probably because I would usually not be available during the festival or preoccupied, but I took my first attempt at the event this year. So far, I'm glad that I have attended the show. Various guests from far and wide stopped at the origin of the Flash In The Can gatherings. Most of them were from the interactive industry. Some from other disciplines such as copywriting. Then again, it's not so different than the reason of the season - Flash: Adobe's decade or so year game changer with a bigger history behind it.

Today(May 2nd) marks the first day, and with that the expectations were blown. The list of presenters and their topics make FITC as unique as it is. Creative, technical, business, and panel events were covered. Something for practically everyone.

I attended David Schultzsmith's talk on Marketing Yourself. The game brought was indeed thorough and Smith did not leave any stones unturned. LinkedIn, twitter, and even journalists were fair game for marketing yourself. His standout examples showed that windows of opportunities, that one could not even think of, are great to use for designers and developers. Being genuine was another great staple point as he conversed with the audience with his relaxed style. Remove the bullshit <- the best way to put one of those points. His references and his company's branding was indeed something that earned its' way into critical acclaim.

Ben Garney's Developing Social Media Games With The PushButton was actually my first. I gave it a listen that with the father of Trainyard, Matt Rix. The talk exposed some of the myths of the subject, including various ways to ensure and keep the audience such as patch releases that were actually tested. I couldn't agree more with what was brought here. Especially with the simulation mode of Grunts on screen. The talk also unravelled the various waves of the social media entertainment, from HTML driven concepts such as Mafia Wars, to more robust games - probably the ones backed by game companies of real console entertainment experiences. Garney turned stones with his talk.

Adobe's keynote assured developers that the browser was still going to the tops when it came to Flash video. Especially with some of the user specs brought by the Adobe representatives. Video and Edge were some of the main topics of the keynote. Especially with the integration of current standards and outside code such as HTML5, CSS, and Jquery. A surprise for me, however, Adobe's support really didn't feel that way these days. More of a display of endless possibilities with the new Dreamweaver/Flash additions. Still, the capabilities of even just seeing HTML5 text wrapping around even a bottle onscreen? beautiful. I couldn't believe that. I even saw it with my own two eyes and yes - Dreamweaver was that sort of surprise!

The last presentation, that I saw today, was the MK12. The two representatives took us on a trip through the doors of the Texas-born company. The post production work was the Jolly Ranchers of my eyes. My words couldn't suffice the work done by this talented group. MK12 produced work for the 007 Quantum of Solace with contributions to the intro. The team's The History Of America stood out over their other work, including their fun with the Coca Cola brand. Even their old building titled deemed the company to be legendary. MK12's witty commentary ended the sessions well for me.

Still, I have to say that outside of the local notables,  the cool swag in a bag, and the attention to classic movie theatre theme, I have to admit that there were some well-needed take-aways from today. Seeing the presenters in a more relaxed environment, outside of "yesterday's deadlines", their forum posts, and the rules that break them -  as well as the books that they they author - was a treat. Looking forward to the other talks of yore at this year's FITC 2011. I took some video of one of the merchandise that was really awesome. A grid notebook that was designed for... get this ... US! DEVELOPERS! YES, even that rocked rocked my face. With two days away til the end, the show was brilliant so far. I'll show you that next time.