Addison, TX, May 5, 2011 : Midnight Coders, Inc.- makers of WebORB integration server is pleased to announce its support for the Grails community having created a special integration between WebORB and the Grails framework. This integration makes it possible for apps written in the Groovy language to be rapidly integrated with various ActionScript clients (Flex, Flash and AIR), as well as, Silverlight, JavaScript, Android, (Native Java and AIR), iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Using WebORB for development helps developers shave months off their development time while also providing a runtime engine that enables high-speed access to Grails services. WebORB handles all aspects of remote procedure calls (RPC) including service lookup, object marshalling, and unmarshalling. Below is a complete list of the functionality Grails developers have access to using WebORB for integration:

* Integrated management console : this is home to various productivity tools, such as Service Browser, Code Generators, Invocation Test Drive, Security and Server Configuration, Server Monitor, Data Management and Documentation;
* Graphical service browser : visualizes all deployed Grails services;
* Invocation test drive : enables invocation of the service methods without writing any code or using any other 3rd party tool;
* High-speed remoting : handles all RPC functions for client-side access to Grails services;
* Video streaming and recording : Flex/Flash clients can record and stream video through the WebORB server deployed in a Grails application;
* Remote shared objects : Flex, Flash, Silverlight, .NET and Java clients can exchange data using WebORBÕs Remote Shared Objects management deployed in a Grails application;
* Data push : Grails applications can invoke client-side functions directly from Groovy server code.

Grails developers can download and develop with WebORB for Java for free by visiting

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