MoMinis Opens Development Contest for Cross-Platform Mobile Games with $15,000 in Prizes
Following their public launch of The MoMinis Studio, MoMinis, a provider of cross-platform mobile game development and distribution tools, is teaming up with and GetJar for the ‘GameCast’ game development contest. GameCast begins on April 28th and offers $15,000 in total prizes plus a distribution deal for the winning creative mobile games built using the MoMinis Studio. Check out the contest at
MoMinis and its distribution partners are looking for talented individuals to build original and addictive games created with The MoMinis Studio. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.
The MoMinis Studio is a free, easy-to-use game development engine that can be learned by users with varying areas of expertise including PC developers, flash developers, game designers or mobile game developers. Many free tutorials, graphics resources and onsite communities can assist the developer in learning game creation and are available at
The MoMinis Studio is a RAD (rapid application development) tool that alleviates mobile fragmentation problems by being agnostic to any specific platform or device. As a wholly cross platform solution, games developed using The MoMinis Studio instantly operate on hundreds of mobile devices across multiple platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian and J2ME. MoMinis also distributes games to global audiences using its global distribution partners such as mobile operators and publishers and shares revenue with developers. Key partners include NTT DoCoMo Verizon, Telefonica, Orange, Turkcell and Vodafone.
Contest Rules
The contest will consist of a rough draft and a final draft submission stage. As a rough draft, entrants should explain the concept of their mobile game or show the game in action in a home-video and submit it by the rough draft deadline, May 20th. All final drafts must be submitted in .mom files (MoMinis original game files) by July 10th. Finalists will be announced on July 12th and the winning games will be announced on July 18th.

  • One first place prize winner will receive $10,000 USD and a promotional deal with GetJar
  • One second place prize winner will receive $3,000
  • One third place prize winner will receive $2,000

Judges and Judging Criteria:
The winners will be determined by a panel of judges made up of renowned figures in the mobile arena including GameDuel, GetJar, SlideMe and MoMinis.
“The bottom line is that we are looking for innovation. We see a lot of fresh games developed for super high end devices. We would like to bring the same creativity to all of our platforms and devices. The money is there. Developers only need to grab it.” says Eyal Rabinovich, vice president of Community & Content.
In addition to meeting all submission and entry requirements, judging criteria for the final round will be based on the usability, marketability, creativity, design, addictive game play and originality of games. Mobile games of any genre are accepted though suggestions of themes are Action & Adventure, Classics & Arcade, Puzzle & Strategy.
The contest will run from April 28, 2011 through July 18, 2011. Entrants can register at and download the MoMinis Studio. Visit the GameCast website for complete contest rules, online entry submission instructions, and all voting and judging procedures at
Supporting Resources
For the latest news and information, follow MoMinis on the web at:

About MoMinis
Founded in 2008, MoMinis is a privately-held company funded by Mitsui Ventures and BRM Capital. MoMinis offers a landmark cross-platform solution for the fast creation and publishing of mobile games. The MoMinis Studio is a free, easy to use and platform-agnostic mobile game development tool enabling developers to create games and have them seamlessly supported on a wide range of handsets. The MoMinis Studio is available as a free download at

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