Nine Vectors is pleased to announce new version (1.1) of their main product Esquimo - application that will allow you to create the 3D animation as a SWF file played by Adobe Flash Player. The generated SWF file has its own, optimized for the purpose of efficiency - engine for the animation. Inventive ways of saving the scene allows to achieve very small output file sizes. Without the use of textures, the output file can consume a little more than 30kB. Esquimo is equipped in user-friendly GUI and does not require knowledge of AS3, causing the creation of 3D animation being at fingertips, even for novice webmasters.

Esquimo 3D has been designed in the likeness of the existing applications for creation of 3D animations, basing on proven solutions. If you used similar applications, you should have no problem with the use of Esquimo. Even if you just start the adventure with designing in 3D, after reading Esquimo manual, you will come to the conclusion that it is no art. Of course, the design possibilities are much more limited in comparison with conventional 3D applications. This is due, inter alia, the performance of Flash Player, and bandwith limits

The output product of Esquimo is a SWF file played by Flash Player in version at least of 10. Esquimo SWF has its own playback engine for playing the scene. Scene is played in real time, which entails certain consequences. It is important to follow a few rules in order to achieve the best possible compromise between the appearance of animation and demand for CPU power. The engine allows handling of events and allows you to affect the animation by the outer code (API), so the animation can be highly interactive.

Most of the existing restrictions result from the possibilities available to Flash Player. On subsequent updates of Flash Player, Nine Vectors team will expand the capabilities of Esquimo adequately. The application is continuously developed.

We encourage you to review the manual, which contains many examples, and will certainly give a greater idea of the possibilities of this software.

Main features:
  • User friendly GUI
  • Superlight file size
  • 12 built in easy customizable geometry objects
  • geometry import 3DS, LWO and STL formats supported including textures if available
  • dynamic and static lights, divided into point and directional
  • 3 kind of cameras: free camera, target camera and photo target ( used to navigate among predefined camera positions )
  • render engine selection ( Ninevectors/Adobe)
  • textures support (currently on plane and imported meshes only)
  • unique object features like shaking lines, vertex distortion, geometry tiling
  • animation creation based on keyframes
  • objects grouping, both group and its members can be animated independently
  • transparent background support
  • event handling( mouse click, mouse over/out with series of predifined reactions )
  • simple in use API

More information, screenshots and download section you can find here:

Check out also coming Molehill support (new Flash Player 11 with 3D hardware support):