SPAS 3.0 EventCollector class

1) Introduction

A few weeks ago, I worked on a project based on the Youtube AS3 API and I was really surprised how Flash developers still have concerns with event management.
When I started the migration from SPAS 2.0 to SPAS 3.0, in 2006, one of the first classes I created was the EventCollector class. This class has been especially designed to solve these problems. So I have decided to share it within an autonomous package, even if it is still a core part of the SPAS 3.0 API. That means the EventCollector class is now compatible with Flash, Flex (Flash Builder and Flex SDK) and all of the available ActionScript 3.0 APIs and projects on the Web.

2) Requirements

In order to go through this tutorial, we assume that you have an ActionScript 3.0 environment set-up and that you are familiar with the basic concepts of event handling.

User level:


Prerequisite knowledge:

  • Experience in developing ActionScript OOP applications.
  • Experience in using SWC ActionScript libraries.
  • Experience in using an ActionScript 3.0 objects profiler is a plus but not necessary.