Written by: Jim Durand durand@iinet.net.au
Difficulty Level: intermediate
Requirements: Flash 5
Topics Covered: Instances, Masking
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I can’t remember where I found the first tutorial that I got this idea from so I don’t know who to give credit to. I wrote this because most continuous scrolls require that you put two identical graphics side by side and just repeat the movement. With this one you can put your graphics anywhere on the stage. This is a scalable continuous scrolling newsreel.


We start with 5 small strips but can add as many as we like by changing 1 line of code. It has a bit of masking and 3d effect and scripting that allows you to put your movie strips anywhere on the stage for ease of use. This tutorial puts the swf at 0,0 but if you follow the (soon to be released)advanced tutorial you can put the first slide anywhere on the stage and everything else will be automatically put in place.

Ok, let’s start.

Create layers called: action, fade, mask, and movie strips and keep them in that order.

All the code goes in frame 1 of the action layer.

On the Movie strips layer, create a 200 x 80 shape, with coordinates of 0,0

We are going to convert this to a movie clip but we have make sure that our coordinates inside the movie stay at 0,0. We can edit after we convert or just make sure the shape is at 0,0 and tick the upper left box on the registration point dialog in the advance button when we convert.

Hit F8 and convert it to a Movie Clip called reel_1(see picture)

It is very important that the registration point is top left. I think it has something to do with referencing the _x value of a Movie Clip. Because it references it relative to the main timeline.

Ok, I hate to repeat myself but you get unexpected results if this isn’t correct. Edit the Movie reel_1 and make sure the shape is at 0,0.

You could create 5 instances of reel_1 on the stage and give them instance names from slide_1 to slide_5, but then you couldn’t have different stuff on each slide. Sooo… duplicate the Movie clip “reel_mc” 4 times so you have 5 Movies in the library.(control+L to open library, then right click on reel-mc.)

Make sure you have one of each on the stage.

For the purpose of this exercise, edit each movie clip and add something

Distinguishing to each one

As you can see, it doesn’t matter where I put the rest of the slides.

It is not within the scope of this tutorial, but obviously you could edit these movie clips and add buttons, movies etc.

OK, give them instance names slide_1 to slide_5