Written by: Elangovan / www.chellamtamil.com
Time: 60 minutes
Difficulty Level: advanced
Requirements: Flash mx2004, Visual SourceSafe 6.0 and above It’s my first tutorial on actionscript.org. It is made to explain shortly to version control your flash projects using Visual SourceSafe 6.0. This will help an individual or a team to manage his projects efficiently.
Splinted this tutorials into three sections as

1. Setting up SourceSafe
2. Setting up Flash
3. Versioning your Projects

1. Setting up SourceSafe:

Setting up SourceSafe to version control your flash projects is very easy. Select Create Project … from the file menu and specify a Project name and comments.

This is the setup to do in Visual SourceSafe.

2. Setting up Flash

2.1 Setting up your Flash Project

Create a Flash Project by saving it in the Folder name as given in SourceSafe, which will help to understand better.

2.2 Setting up Site:
Go for Version Control and select Edit Sites

Select New… on Edit Sites Dialog and fill in the details. Select SourceSafe Database on Connection drop down menu