Before we get down and dirty though, let's set up our FLA:

First, create a new flash document and then create (3) layers: actions, scroller, window.

layer setup

Now, create a movie clip to hold the image we'll be scrolling. If the library panel isn't already open, press Ctrl+L. Then right click inside the library panel and choose New Symbol. Give it a name, I chose mc_pic and make sure to select Export for Actionscript.

pic clip

name pic clip

Create (1) button to use as your scroller.

make the button


Create (1) rectangle graphic symbol the size you want your window (optional).

create mask


Convert your graphic symbol to a movie clip (Press F8).

name window


Place your new movie clip on the stage on the window layer. Name the instance. I used mc_win.

place clip

Next, we'll get into a little actionscripting...