Tutorial details: DoubleClick event for movie clips and buttons
Tutorial name: Simple Double Click Event
Written by: Ajay Pal Singh, email: ajaybalyan (followed by @ followed by) gmail DOT com
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Requirements: Flash MX 2004

This tutorial is based on ActionScript 2.0, as i have seen a number of tutorial on double click, some of these use jumping to a diffrent frame others use complex coding. This one is an example of making DoubleClick event as simple as it is.
By using setInterval(); the CPU speed hardly matters the exicution of code. Here DC is the button on which DoubleClick event is applied and reset is for reseting the movie

Download source FLA "DoubleClick.fla"
First of all i Should illustrate what is happening on _root

var clickCounter:Number = 0;
var clickTimer:Number = 0;
var timerID:Number;
function checkStatus() {
    if (clickCounter == 1) {
        timerID = setInterval(clickDuration, 250);
    if (clickCounter == 2) {
        this.btnDC.enabled = false;
        clickCounter = 0;
        clickTimer = 0;
function resetBtn() {
    clickCounter = 0;
    clickTimer = 0;
    this.btnDC.enabled = true;
function clickDuration() {
    if (clickTimer == 2) {

This code is written on the first frame of Movie (i.e._root) it has three functions checkStatus(), resetBtn() and clickDuration. Let us see what these functions do one by one
1. checkStatus()
This function deals with Number of clicks made on Instance, also the custom Action to be performed by the event is specified in same function.
We have declaired three variables all of Number Type
I. clickCounter counts the Number of Clicks made on instance which is initialized to 0.
II. clickTimer deals with the duration in which you want DoubleClick to be valid, it is also initialized to 0.
III. timerID is an interval ID used to set and clear the interval.
In first line of this function we have incremented the clickCounter becouse this function is called on click event of the button. Now as wehave to count time from first click to second click so a timer is initalized on click 1. On click 2 the custom action is performed along with clearing the variables and clearing the Interval as well.
2. resetBtn()
This function deals with reseting the variables and button, it works with RESET button and also if Second click is made after Maximum Duration
for DoubleClick.
3. clickDuration()
Here we are simply countin the time in microseconds and ensures that asthe maximum duration is crossed all variables and Movie clip is reseted

Now about Movie clips, HEY thats peace of cake, these functions are called with Mouse Events.