On the left you will see a Flash MX Object Orientated Menu system collecting information about the other files in the directory it is contained in via PHP

The Pages indicated are instructions on how it was created.

To Follow through you will need:
1. Flash MX from Macromedia
2. An HTML Editor of your choice, I've used Dreamweaver MX

INDEX - This File

PART1 - Setting up the Flash Movie
PART2 - ActionScript - Define some variables and set up a Text Format Object
PART3 - ActionScript - Creating the Object
PART4 - ActionScript - The Red Bar
PART5 - ActionScript - More methods for our function
PART6 - ActionScript - Tying it all togeather
PART7 - PHP - The PHP Script
PART8 - ActionScript - The whole script
PART9 - Directory Structure - Making it work

ActioScript Methods Used in this Tutorial:

new Array(); new TextFormat(); function(); setTextFormat(); removeMovieClip(); createEmptyMovieClip(); lineStyle(); moveTo(); lineTo(); new String(); getURL(); prototype Object.registerClass(); new LoadVars(); attachMovie();

Flash MX includes a great reference section which allows you to look up the useage of ActionScript Methods.

If you would like the source files:
1. Just the Flash .fla file
2. Just the PHP .php file
3. Everything, the whole directory with the .fla, .swf and .html files