Macromedia MX products deliver on vision for a new generation of rich Internet applications with better user experiences.

SYDNEY, Australia – 30 April 2002 - Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) announced Macromedia MX, a new integrated family of tool, server, and client technologies for creating rich Internet applications that promise significantly more intuitive, responsive, and effective user experiences across platforms and devices.

"Internet users want to move from browsing to doing and in the process accomplish complex tasks faster with more intuitive applications," said Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO, Macromedia. "Rich Internet applications built with Macromedia MX make this possible by combining the interactivity that used to only be possible in client/server applications with the broad reach and low deployment cost of web applications."

Individually, the products in the Macromedia MX family are major new releases that offer designers and developers powerful new functionality for creating effective user experiences across the spectrum of Internet solutions from basic websites to complex web applications. Together, Macromedia MX is the first integrated product family for building rich Internet applications, and has already gained broad industry support from Apple, IBM, Intel, Liberate, Microsoft, Open TV, Sony Ericsson and Sun Microsystems.

Rich Internet applications take advantage of user experiences made possible by rich client technology that extends the capabilities of web browsers and Internet connected devices. The Macromedia MX family is designed to leverage the capabilities of Macromedia Flash Player, the most widely distributed rich client on the Internet, which is deployed to 98 percent of web users.

The Macromedia MX product family includes the Macromedia ColdFusion MX server-scripting environment and a powerful suite of development tools: Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Fireworks MX, and Macromedia FreeHand 10, which are available together in Macromedia Studio MX.

Daemon, an Australian development, training and consulting organisation for Macromedia products has been commissioned by Panasonic Australia to enhance the functionality and marketability of the audio section of their website. The Panasonic project used Macromedia products exclusively including ColdFusion 5, ColdFusion Studio and Macromedia Flash 5 and the MX range including- ColdFusion MX, Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Flash MX.

"The new MX range features allow Panasonic to deliver greater business benefits to their customers," explained Andrew Muller, senior developer and Macromedia certified instructor, Daemon. "New accessibility features and the simplicity of creating web services with ColdFusion MX, means Panasonic can deliver enhanced benefit to their sales partners by leveraging their existing product information and ensuring that information is consistent, accurate and up-to-date."

"Panasonic has repeatedly proven the cost benefits of Macromedia products, particularly the dynamic integration of existing backend resources into ColdFusion driven web templates," said Colin Blunt, Information technology officer, Panasonic. "The introduction of this technology into the realms of imagery, fonts, and other graphic and media formats will prove most beneficial while providing a cost effective experience to our customer base."

Macromedia MX extends existing IT infrastructure and supports key industry standards. Developers can use Macromedia MX to build solutions on the Sun Java platform and the Microsoft .NET Framework, and the products in Macromedia MX have strong support for XML, Web services, and accessibility standards.

"We've jumped at the chance to integrate the entire Macromedia MX product family in our development and deployment of rich Internet applications," said Tony Redhead, director, Red Square, Internet design and development company. "The MX tools have removed many of the development barriers normally associated with rich media development. The improved data flow between client-side and server-side technologies, and the enhanced accessibility and consistency of code through a common interface, creates a development environment that's less linear and more parallel, streamlining workflow and shortening project timelines."

In addition to increasing results through better user experiences, rich Internet applications built with Macromedia MX lower development costs and leverage existing IT infrastructure. Developers can use Macromedia MX to build solutions on the Sun Java platform and the Microsoft .NET Framework, and the products in Macromedia MX have strong support for industry standards such as XML, Web services, and accessibility.

"To control development costs, increase productivity, and enhance creativity, designers and developers need tools, servers and run-time environments that are easy to use, designed to work together seamlessly, and have customisable and familiar interfaces," said Rikki Kirzner, research director, IDC. "Furthermore, the products that deliver the most value to both developers and companies are those that not only offer rich functionality but were created to produce dynamic websites, Internet applications, and help deliver a productive user experiences online."

Macromedia Studio MX includes Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Fireworks MX, Macromedia FreeHand 10, and a developer edition of Macromedia ColdFusion MX. The studio, with introductory pricing of AUD$1999, is expected to ship in May. For more information, visit



Macromedia ( empowers millions of designers and developers to create effective user experiences across the widest array of platforms and devices. Through an open, integrated family of client, tool, and server technologies, Macromedia is driving a new generation of rich Internet applications that will radically improve the Internet experience.

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Industry Leaders Rally Around Macromedia MX

Macromedia MX has already gained broad industry support from fellow industry leaders who share our commitment to radically improve the Internet experience:


"We're thrilled that Macromedia is continuing to be at the cutting edge of creating rich Internet applications. Macromedia is bringing new products to market that leverage the advanced capabilities of our UNIX-based operating system to give the Mac community a powerful set of tools for rapid application development."

- Ron Okamoto, vice president of worldwide developer relations, Apple


"ColdFusion MX brings a powerful server scripting environment to the IBM Websphere community. IBM supports Macromedia's push for delivering more effective rich Internet applications online and is pleased they are supporting this vision with open, extensible products and ways to integrate with IBM's e-business platform."

- Bill Reedy, vice president of business development for IBM WebSphere, IBM


"Developers increasingly need the tools and technologies such as the Macromedia MX family of products to build rich Internet applications across a variety of platforms from the PC to wireless devices. Intel worked with Macromedia to optimise the Macromedia Flash Player to take advantage of the latest architectural innovations of the Intel Pentium 4 processor and the Intel XScale microarchitecture, thus enabling developers to bring powerful Internet applications to the PC and to wireless devices powered by Intel processors."

- William Swope, vice president and co-general manager, Software and Solutions Group, Intel


"Macromedia has articulated a clear vision of rich Internet applications and how its MX product family addresses the interactive TV market. We look forward to working with Macromedia to ensure creating applications for the Liberate interactive television platform is as simple as possible."

– Emmy Huang, product and solutions marketing manager, Liberate Technologies

Microsoft (Developer Platform and Evangelism Division)

"Macromedia's vision for rich Internet applications dovetails well with Microsoft's vision for .NET. Products such as Dreamweaver MX really show how Macromedia is working with the latest technologies to deliver on this shared vision."

- John Montgomery, group product manager, developer platform and evangelism division, Microsoft

Microsoft (Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group)

"As devices continue to become smarter and more connected, users expect that rich applications and content will be delivered to these devices. Macromedia MX product family support for Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded ensures that developers will be able to use one development environment to create and deliver rich content and applications that work across the wide variety of Windows Powered smart devices."

- Keith White, senior director, embedded and appliance platforms group, Microsoft

Open TV

"Macromedia's vision for improving the usability of iTV applications, as well as an integrated MX product family to back up its vision, looks like a winner to me."

- Michael Collette, senior vice president, marketing and business development, OpenTV

Sony Ericsson

"Sony Ericsson is committed to delivering mobile multimedia products which give people full imaging, messaging and entertainment experiences. By working with Macromedia and Dreamweaver MX, we want to support developers with easy ways to create content and applications for new devices and platforms."

- Cyrus Allen, vice president, content and applications, Sony Ericsson


"Macromedia and Sun have a long history of building upon an open standards-based architecture for secure, robust applications that support web services and provide seamless business application integration. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition Platform enable seamless business integration with XML and Connector technologies, allowing enterprise developers to focus on adding value, rather than building infrastructure, which translates to faster time to market."

- Chris Hogan, senior director, Java strategy and product marketing, Sun Microsystems,Inc.