FLASHANTS iceProjector 1.0 offers designers Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Tools to Create Windowless Flash Applications

Taipei, Taiwan - June 26, 2002 - FLASHANTS Inc., a leading software developer of rich media applications and utilities, today announces the release of the breakthrough iceProjector 1.0, an easy to use and cost effective tool, enable users to create windowless flash applications in no time with minimal learning effort. iceProjector instantly removes the square boundary from flash SWF files to create rich media applications that play Flash movies with transparent background.

The result movies, featured with anti-alias edge support for Win2000/XP and the unique FLASHANTS Clean Edge technology for all win32 platforms, guarantee the best animation quality and playback performance. Users can utilize the magic power of iceProjector to create unprecedented fantastic rich media applications such as screen-mate programs, desktop marketing & advertising movies, splash screen, or any other Internet & multimedia applications with pure flash skill.

The UI design of iceProjector program is a windowless flash sample by itself. You will find it supports Flash 6 components and complies with the same behavior as Flash player. IceProjector enables to receive all mouse events when cursor is outside movie area so designers can use Flash to create cool mouse trail effects. And more, iceProjector extends the power of Flash with about 30 powerful fscommands to customize the menu items of right-mouse-clicks, access system registry to keep the program statuses, launch external programs with script commands, and customize the program behavior. Together with the coming released icePlayer ActiveX control, users can make use of the same technology to design windowless flash component in html pages to float upon browsers, achieving the amazing effects never seen before.

Main features in iceProjector 1.0 includes:

Bring Flash out of window. Play Flash movies with transparent background.
Support anti-alias edge and alpha channel (semi-transparency) in win2000/XP.
Unique Clean Edge technology to eliminate noises on edge for Win95/98/ME/NT.
Unique Smart Drag technology to make the non-interactive movie area draggable.
Configurable menu items and programmable event handling for right-mouse-clicks.
Receive all desktop mouse events automatically, even when outside the movie region.
(WYSIWYG) Instantly preview of the result.
Change program icon.
Support to Read/Write system registry information.
Support shell commands to launch external application from Flash fscommands.
Performance improvement for full screen animation with ˇ§spriteBoundˇ¨ fscommand.
Extremely easy to use.
Support Flash 4/5/6.
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