ScreenTime Media Introduces ScreenTime For Flash Version 2 for Macintosh - Create Flash MX Screen Savers for Mac OS X.

Now all the capabilities of Flash MX can be used to create high impact dynamically updateable screen savers for Mac OS 8, 9 and X!

Escondido, Calif. - July 31, 2002 - ScreenTime Media, the leading provider of professional screen saver creation tools for business and designers, today announced the release of ScreenTime for Flash version 2. The new version of ScreenTime for Flash is the first and only screen saver creation tool to support native Flash MX playback on Macintosh operation systems - including OS X.

Other new features include creation of one-click installers for Mac OS 8 & 9 or X and integration of all screen savers into a single control panel with full preview capability. ScreenTime screen savers can also include dynamic content from the web, links to websites, xml data streams and full interactivity. ScreenTime for Flash V2 is also available for Windows.

With millions of screen savers installed on computers worldwide, ScreenTime Media is the industry standard for professional screen saver creation software. Companies including Intel, IBM, Paramount Pictures, Chiat Day, Ford, Smashing Ideas, Disney, and Mercedes are creating screen savers with ScreenTime Media products to inform, entertain and interact with their audiences. To see more than 1000 screen savers created using ScreenTime software visit our customer showcase page at

Features in ScreenTime for Flash version 2 for Macintosh include:

Support for Mac OS 8.6, 9, and X.
Flash MX native playback - does not use QuickTime - providing higher performance and better Flash compatibility.
Creates a "one-click" installer, which installs the screen saver, sets it as default and opens the screen saver control panel.
Support for Flash MX, Actionscript, live XML feeds, dynamic content and interactivity.
Customizable interface for installer and screen saver.
Creates and installs a single integrated ScreenTime screen saver Control Panel for OS 8 & 9 Savers.
Supports standard OSX screen saver.
"We're very excited about the release of ScreenTime for Flash version 2," said ScreenTime Media chairman Jim Roberts. "The performance and capabilities we gained by using the native Flash MX playback engine are impressive. Screen savers for Mac OS X are going to a whole new level with all the features MX enabled screen savers gives our customers - standby for live, high impact screen savers that are a blast to watch"

Visit for more information, or download the free trial direct from the product page at ScreenTime for Flash version 2 is available in Mac or Windows editions. The Windows edition supports Windows 95 through XP and the Mac edition supports OS 8.6 through 10. Flash versions 3, 4, 5 and MX are all supported.

Pricing starts at $299
Upgrades are $99 for owners of any ScreenTime Media Mac Screen Save creation software. Customers who purchased ScreenTime for Flash June 1 2002 or later are eligible for a free upgrade.

About ScreenTime Media

ScreenTime Media has been making professional screen saver creation tools since 1995, when it shipped the ground breaking CineMac for Director, which for the first time enabled non-programmers to easily create professional quality screen savers. ScreenTime for Flash 1.0 was released in 1997 becoming the first screen saver creation tool for Macromedia Flash, and in 1999 ScreenTime Photo & Video professional edition was released. ScreenTime Media's products are the industry standard for professional screen saver creation, and the release of ScreenTime for Flash version 2 continues that trend with its unique features including native Flash MX playback and Mac OS X support. For more info visit