Flix is the easiest, most affordable way to create video for the web, presentations & CDs

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 27, 2002. Wildform, the leader in Flash video software, today announced the release of its updated Flix product line. Flix is now available in several configurations, including its flagship Flix Pro, as well as Standard and Lite editions. Wildform has also released a Flix SDK. Jonathan Blank, Wildform CEO, noted, "Wildform's new Flix product line refines our industry leading Flash video software, providing our customers with more features and more choices at great prices."

Flix Pro ($ 149) is a powerful, full-featured video encoding solution that enables anyone to immediately create and deploy professional caliber video. It encodes almost every type of video, audio and image file, outputs all types of Flash video and has multiple functions that enable users to implement advanced Flash features without needing to know any Flash, such as automatically outputting customized players. Flix Pro also offers both 1-pass and high resolution 2-pass VBR (variable bitrate) encoding, editing, cropping, batch encoding, projectors, preloaders and many other features. Flix Pro is also a powerful animation tool for web, TV and film since it is the only software available that can automatically turn a video into a vector based animation using its advanced tracing capabilities - an amazing time-saver.

Flix is also available in two consumer versions - the Lite and Standard editions. Flix Lite ($ 29) is extremely easy to use and offers all the basic features required to encode and deploy Flash video. Flix Standard ($ 89) combines the ease of Flix Lite with the superior image quality of 2-pass VBR compression and several additional time saving features.

The Flix SDK, or software developer's kit, includes everything required to create robust client and server applications with complete Flix Pro functionality. It offers potent new capabilities to software and web developers. (Pricing depends on usage.)

All Flix software is available for Windows and Mac. Flix encoded video works without a streaming server, plays on all platforms and browsers, and streams through firewalls. It's the hassle free video solution.

About Wildform:
Wildform develops media software and resources including the Flix line of Flash video encoders, the SWFX animation tool and the Wildform Video Library.