A Vector Rendering Plug-In For Carrara StudioT 2 Utilizing RAViXR II Technology From Electric Rain.
New 3D vector plug-in will enable Carrara Studio 2 users to render 3D animations to the MacromediaR FlashT (SWF) file format, as well as other popular vector file types

Mountain View, CA - August 19, 2002 - Today Eovia Corporation announced the release of VectorStyle, an advanced 3D vector rendering plug-in for Carrara Studio 2. VectorStyle uses Electric Rain's industry-leading RAViX II technology, enabling Carrara Studio 2 users to turn their 3D scenes into scalable vector-based animations that can be published seamlessly to the Web. VectorStyle provides the well-established user base of Carrara Studio 2 with an advanced solution for repurposing their 3D content to a Web friendly format. "Flash is not only a very efficient web-oriented media, it's also a completely new way to render and publish 3D graphics in a style that has proven to be exceptionally popular," said Antoine Clappier, CEO of Eovia. "Used in connection with Carrara Studio 2, VectorStyle also fills the gap between 3D imagery and vector graphics by exporting high-quality 3D renderings to EPS and Illustrator formats."

Working as a plug-in for Carrara Studio 2, VectorStyle uses Electric Rain's proprietary RAViX II vector technology to render 3D scenes with complete accuracy, while staying true to colors, lighting, camera views and animations. VectorStyle provides Carrara Studio 2 users with an extensive array of vector output options including 3 levels of outlines, 5 levels of cartoon shading, 2 levels of gradient shading, shadows and specular highlights.

"We're very excited to see our RAViX II technology adding functionality to an already powerful 3D application like Carrara Studio 2," said Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain, Inc. "This union of Electric Rain's premier 3D-to-vector technology and Eovia's already popular 3D modeling and animating application will only strengthen Carrara Studio's position as a leading 3D authoring and publishing solution."

Major Features

Extensive vector and Flash outputs

SWF - MacromediaR FlashT 3, 4 and 5

EPS - Encapsulated PostScript

AI - AdobeR IllustratorR

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

Multiple rendering styles and effects

5 Cartoon renderings - One, Two, Four, Full Color, and Average Fill

3 Edge renderings - Outline, Mesh and Hidden Lines

2 Gradient Levels - Area and Mesh Shading

Shadowing - Self, Plane, and Object Casting

Specular Highlights - Added realism for Cartoon and Gradient Shading

Unmatched rendering speed and accuracy with RAViX II

Fast - Renders 10x faster than competing products

Powerful - Handles 250,000+ polygon models with ease

Accurate - Industry renown as the most accurate vector rendering engine available

Maximum file optimization Control over levels of detail and curve rendering

Fully-optimized files ready for publishing without further editing

Additional features Straight forward and uncluttered interface with full Preview

Runs on Windows (Windows 98/2000/XP/ME/NT 4.0) and Macintosh (Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X)

Includes WebXport 2, the free VETT (Viewpoint Experience Technology) plug-in from Eovia

Pricing and Availability

The English/International version of VectorStyle is available immediately for the Mac (OS 8.1, OS 9.1 and OS X) and Windows platforms, at a suggested retail price of US$129.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: until October 19, 2002, VectorStyle will be offered at US$99.

For more information and direct purchase, visit the Eovia website at www.eovia.com or call Eovia at 1-800-544-4847 x118 (USA) or 1-858-457-5359 x118 (outside the USA)

About Carrara Studio 2

Carrara StudioT 2 -- The Complete, Accessible and Productive 3D Solution for the creative user in the fields of Web, Print and Video. Available for Macintosh and Windows, Carrara Studio 2 is one of the most popular 3D graphics applications for modeling, animation, rendering, and special effects.

About Eovia Corporation

Eovia, a TGS company, was founded in November 2000 with headquarters in Mountain View, CA and offices in San Diego, CA. Eovia is a young company with strong assets which benefits from both the savoir-faire of its founders and the legacy of more than ten years of Research & Development and Marketing conducted by MetaCreations, Fractal Design, Ray Dream and TGS. Formerly the home of Amapi 3D, TGS has been in the graphics software business for over 15 years.

About Electric Rain, Inc.

Electric Rain, Inc. is a fast moving 3D and multimedia software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use 3D and multimedia tools to the masses. Through the release of its standalone application, Swift 3D, and the company's proprietary RAViX rendering technology, Electric Rain has quickly become the industry leading developer and supplier of 3D-to-vector solutions. More information about Electric Rain, its products and technologies are available at www.erain.com or by calling Electric Rain at 1-888-613-1500.