Joint solution consists of Flashant's SWF2Video plug-in for Adobe Premiere and Wildform's SWfX Text Animator. Combined, they allow users to quickly and easily produce stunning video titles.

Sep 23, 2002—Flashants and Wildform today announced the release of a joint solution that provides an extremely easy and cost-effective way to produce high quality video titles for post production. The titling solution is composed of Flashants’ SWF2Video plug-in for Adobe Premiere and Wildform SWfX Flash Text Animator. Wildform SWfX is a powerful and easy-to-use Flash Text animation tool that comes with over 300 effects. Flashants SWF2Video plug-in enables the direct import of Flash files into Adobe Premiere with full support for alpha channel keying. Combined, both products provide the simplest method for producing powerful and stunning video titles. To create title animations in SWfX users simply enter their text and choose from among the 300+ included effects. Then they can directly import SWfX’s Flash output into Adobe Premiere with the SWF2Video plug-in.

Both SWfX and the SWF2Video plugin are powerful pieces of software by themselves. By combining the two, titling will become the easiest part of production.

Wildform SWfx is an amazingly easy to use Flash text animation tool. It comes with over 300 effects and works with your installed fonts. And it allows you to create your own reusable custom effects. According to Internet Eye Magazine, "SWfX is so easy it's unbelievable the results you can achieve.”

Flashants SWF2Video plug-in is a unique solution that enables the import of Macromedia flash (SWF files) into Adobe Premiere. This remarkable plug-in supports the movie clips and action scripts of flash movies. And it supports alpha channel keying so users can easily superimpose their titles over other video clips in Adobe Premiere. This plug-in greatly benefits to Adobe Premiere users with all the richness and excitement of Flash contents for postproductions.

The SWF2Video plug-in and SWfX special pack is available for Windows. For more product information, please visit: Or contact or by phone at: +886-2-2792-6762.


FLASHANTS INC. is a leader and pioneer in bringing advanced multimedia software products and cutting edge technologies to market. Their major products include FMProjector, FMPlayer, SWF2Video, iceProjector, and icePlayer. FMProjector is a powerful tool to create highly interactive rich media applications with Flash. FMPlayer enhances websites by enabling the direct streaming of WMV, Mpeg, and AVI video into your flash movies. The SWF2Video product line allows users to cost effectively produce Flash VCDs and DVDs or import flash titles and movies for postproduction. IceProjector/icePlayer assists in the creation of fantastic screen-mate programs, desktop marketing & advertising movies, splash screens, or any kind of Internet and multimedia applications with windowless flash. For more information:

About Wildform. Wildform develops and provides media software, services and resources, including the Flix Flash video encoder, the SWfX Flash text animator, and the Wildform Video Library. The Wildform Flix Flash video encoder is the easiest, most affordable way to put video on the web, CDs and presentations. Flix allows users to edit, crop, encode and post video in a custom player in minutes. Flix encoded video works without a streaming server, plays on all platforms and browsers, and streams through firewalls. It’s a hassle free video solution that is “The shortest distance between your video and your viewers on the Web.” ( Wildform SWfx is an amazingly easy to use Flash text animation tool. It comes with over 300 effects and it works with your installed fonts. Users can also edit the existing effects and create their own. "SWfx is so easy it's unbelievable the results you can achieve." (Internet Eye Magazine) For more information:

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