Thanks to the generosity of Electric Rain and McGraw Hill Osborne, we've got one copy of Swift 3D v3 and five copies of "Flash 99% Good: A Guide to Macromedia Flash Usability" to give away, hence the title of this competition.

The Categories:

As with the last competition, submissions for the competition are to be broken down into two categories: Tutorials and Open Source. All submissions must include some level of ActionScript. The topics covered need not be Flash MX specific but, having said that Flash 4 tutorials aren't likely to win: relevance and current usefulness of the content will be weighted heavily.


First off, to ensure all tutorials can be added quickly, without the need for excessive formatting at our end, please use this template when submitting your tutorial. .
The winner of the Tutorial Competition will receive one copy of Swift3D v3 and one copy of "Flash 99% Good: A Guide to Macromedia Flash Usability". Submissions for this category must provide not only source code with a particular purpose but also a description of what the code does and / or how it does it, and any relevant instructions as to how to get the code to work.

We welcome tutorials which explain specific techniques (such as how to create a certain menu-system) as well as tutorials which cover more general topics such as how XML can be used to spice up Flash.

Tutorials which cover a topic already discussed in an existing tutorial may or may not be accepted so if you wish to write a tutorial to further examine a concept which is already discussed in an existing tutorial, please email Jesse first.

A good tutorial will include at least one sample file which implements the techniques taught in the tutorial.

The two runners-up in the Tutorial Competition will each receive one copy of "Flash 99% Good: A Guide to Macromedia Flash Usability".

Open Source:

Two copies of "Flash 99% Good: A Guide to Macromedia Flash Usability" are available to the top two submissions in the Open Source Competition. All open source submissions made via the online submission form ( ) from today onwards will be judged as entries.


All content must be received by October 31st, 2002 (GMT) to be eligible for consideration as an entry. NOTE: The deadline has been extended until 12 midnight November 14th, 2002 (GMT). Tutorials should be submitted to Jesse via email and should include the tutorial text body in plain HTML and any relevant example files or images. Please be sure to include your name and email address at the very least so we can contact you if you win!

All content, including concepts discussed in and code accompanying source files and tutorials must be freely usable for commercial and non-commercial use. No 'demo' content will be accepted.

Open Source submissions should be made via the standard open source uploads page ( ). Submissions will be recorded when they are checked by an administrator. Submissions too large to be submitted via this form, and submissions which make use of backend components such as server side scripts may be emailed to Jesse. When emailing a submission, please be sure to include all the information required by the online submission form.

Again, please ensure your email address is correct as it's the only method we will have to contact you should you win a prize!

You are welcome to enter both competitions. Participants who submit more than one piece will be considered on the merits of their best entry, so feel free to submit multiple entries to increase your chances. No participant may win more than one prize.

Submitting your content indicates your agreement to the Terms of Entry as listed below.

Terms of Entry:

Submissions must be entirely your own work and must not breech any third party patents, copyright or intellectual property right in any way.
By submitting your content you grant the owners and operators of the irrevocable, royalty free, worldwide rights to make publicly available the submitted content as they see fit. By your submission you warrant that you are entitled to grant such rights. All submissions will at all times remain the property of their respective authors; we simply need this permission to include your content at
Submitting your content does not guarantee that it will be posted on the site. We reserve the right to reject any submission without explanation.
The judges' decisions with regard to the winning entries are final and will not be debated.