New product empowers business users and unburdens web professionals by making website updates as easy as word processing

SYDNEY, Australia – 12 November 2002 – Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) announced Macromedia Contribute, a groundbreaking new desktop application that enables anyone to easily update, add, and publish web content to existing websites without requiring technical skills beyond basic word processing. The product brings ease and simplicity to the Internet by putting the power of web publishing into the hands of non-technical users, while also providing sufficient control for the professionals who manage websites and Intranets. Macromedia Contribute works with any HTML website, including those coded by hand or created with tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX or Microsoft FrontPage. Macromedia Contribute, available for Windows in December, features an introductory price of AUD$249. To download a technology preview today, go to

"Macromedia Contribute represents a new product vision for Macromedia that reaches a whole new class of users with a beautiful solution that also frees up our current designers and developers to stay ahead of the technology curve," said Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO, Macromedia. "Contribute levels the playing field for web content contribution and makes waiting for an overburdened webmaster to make site updates a thing of the past."

From enterprise settings and government agencies to educational institutions and small businesses, people who want to make updates to web content today rely on web professionals with specialised skills to make even simple edits. Business users require quick changes to web content, but don't want to spend hours learning web development software and new processes. Macromedia Contribute enables users to easily publish content to the web and protects them from inadvertent mistakes. The product also ensures that web professionals who build the sites retain complete control over the site style, layout, and code standards.

"As web content management technology matures, architectural simplicity, low cost, rapid installation and ease of use become critical differentiators," said Lou Latham, research analyst, Gartner, Inc. "New products that provide 'quick and easy' web editing for non-technical users will have opportunity if they meet these criteria."

Macromedia Contribute allows web developers to delegate web content maintenance while protecting the site design, code, and functionality. Contribute rolls out in minutes using encrypted connection keys and permission groups. Contribute also maintains a living history of page changes so users can easily roll back changes and switch between different versions of a page. In addition, the quality of the code is guaranteed because Contribute is built on the core HTML authoring engine of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, the preferred choice of more than 90 percent of web professionals.

"Macromedia Contribute allows all of our content owners, regardless of their work discipline, to have full control over their web content," said Christopher L. Rogers, lead programmer/analyst, training systems and support, The Boeing Company. "With an intuitive user interface, content release management tools, powerful administration controls, and one button publishing, Contribute enables our team members to easily and efficiently become part of the information release process. Contribute takes the hassle out of web content management allowing true webmasters to concentrate on design and the user experience."

Macromedia Contribute allows users to update web content in three simple steps. Users browse to the web page they want to update, edit the page, and publish their updated page to the live site. Contribute also features integration with Microsoft Word and Excel, so users can drag-and-drop Word or Excel files from their desktop onto a page and the content is added with the original formatting intact. Users can even e-mail draft pages for review before publishing them. Web pages can also be updated offline and published later.

"We found that Contribute is an easy to use but deceptively powerful tool that provides and supports publishing on the web for pages that don't require or are not part of a larger content management system," reported Tony Redhead, principal, Red Square.

"By using Dreamweaver MX our designers and developers create and publish template pages that allow our clients, using Contribute, to easily add content, duplicate pages and upload images as well as dozens of other tasks. The best thing is that this is all possible whilst still maintaining the integrity of the page by creating editable areas within the page and by setting strict user options within Contribute.

"Contribute is currently being integrated into Red Square's suite of development tools and will be deployed amongst our clients to provide additional methods by which content is maintained and kept current" continued Tony.

Established in 1995, Red Square is a leading Australian Internet design and development firm. With an extensive range of services and technologies Red Square continues to provide innovative solutions to the business needs of its diverse client base that includes Telstra, Qantas, YHA and Harvey World Travel.

An update to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX will be available simultaneously with Macromedia Contribute to enable advanced administration and improved performance within Dreamweaver MX.

Macromedia Contribute offers unprecedented support for Section 508 accessibility requirements, so people with disabilities can read and create web content. Macromedia Contribute also works with existing network security methods, and does not require any special servers or technology.


Macromedia Contribute will be available for Windows in December with introductory pricing at AUD$249. Education, government, and corporate volume licensing will be available. The product will initially ship in English, with French, German, and Japanese versions expected to be available in 2003.

Macromedia Contribute will be available for Mac OS X users in 2003. Macromedia is currently working with Opera Software to develop the embedded browser technology required for this product. Dreamweaver MX users on the Macintosh platform will be able to download a new product update in December to improve Dreamweaver MX performance and provide interoperability with Macromedia Contribute.


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"The more I use Macromedia Contribute, the more I really like it. I love the possibilities. It allows me to continue to use Dreamweaver and to maintain control over our site, while giving the non-HTML users a great way to edit pages with the ease of editing a Word document."

- Shaan Hurley, project engineer, Autodesk

Cisco Systems

"I love being able to browse to an actual page and then modify it right then and there. It takes the guesswork out of having to hunt down the correct page within an ftp server full of files. I have been looking for a tool like this for my busy team members who need to frequently edit their web pages."

- Winson Cheung, network administrator, Cisco Systems

ISITE Design

"Macromedia has hit yet another home run with its newest web development application, Macromedia Contribute, which boasts content management features such as content rollback/approval, WYSIWYG development, and the ability to edit and create content in Microsoft Word. Macromedia has put strong web development capabilities in an intuitive, powerful, easy-to-use package for non-developers."

- Paul W. Wille, CTO, ISITE Design, Inc.

"We live in a remote-control society where everything is done and expected to happen with a push of a button. Macromedia has brought this level of convenience to the Web design process with Macromedia Contribute. Making the logical combination of web browser and HTML editor, it's now possible to browse, edit, and upload web pages with a click of a few buttons. Macromedia has made the web design process so simple that everyone from beginners to clients can now create and make changes to their own web pages with push button convenience."

- Garo Green, director of publications,

MindComet Corporation

"Macromedia Contribute allows me to manage site content for our clients from one easy to use, intuitive interface. The integration with Dreamweaver MX is seamless and allows me to keep my existing production workflow without sacrificing valuable time or quality."
- Bill Evans, senior front end technologist, MindComet

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

"Contribute is a welcome addition to Macromedia's powerful web-authoring suite of tools. As a web design professional, I can use Contribute to facilitate site changes without sacrificing control over code and layout. I can feel confident that my sites are secure and that I can now more easily administer changes."

- Mary Norbury-Glaser, LAN administrator and web designer, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

University of Florida

"Macromedia Contribute provides an excellent opportunity for students and teachers to focus on the introduction of developing web content rather than the mechanics of transferring web pages. It will serve as a very useful teaching and development tool for education."

- Dr. Richard E. Ferdig, assistant professor, School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida