HUMMER and Sony enhance online purchasing process with Macromedia Flash MX

SYDNEY, Australia – 20 December 2002 - Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) announced that leading companies including HUMMER and Sony are using Macromedia (r) Flash (tm) MX to deliver great buying experiences that integrate product configurators to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. Product configurators bring a visual element to online purchasing decisions, allowing the user to do everything from optimising home theaters based on actual room dimensions to customising vehicles based on individual preferences. Macromedia Flash Player is the leading rich client for Internet content and applications across the broadest range of platforms and devices.

"The responsiveness, interactivity, and visual control enabled by Macromedia Flash MX are perfect for delivering product configurators," said Param Singh, director of product management, Macromedia. "These examples demonstrate that Macromedia Flash applications can drive customer satisfaction and retention by pushing online shopping beyond what is even available in a traditional retail environment. The ability to create interactivity without requiring a full page refresh and the ability to link to external images for easier site maintenance are also key benefits for our developers."

In addition, support for components in Macromedia Flash MX enable developers like HUMMER and Sony to more easily include common interface components used in product configurators such as smart combo boxes, advanced calendars, color pickers, and simple menus.

Sony's product configurator, built by online professional services firm Organic, lets users recreate their existing room layout and then suggests how to optimally configure that room with a WEGA Theatre system with surround sound that fits their budget.

"Consumer preconceptions around product complexity were proving to be a barrier to home theatre purchase," said Colleen DeCourcy, creative director, Organic. "It was decided that an immersive product configurator could collapse that barrier. Consumers can now experience Sony Home Theatre as an offering that not only delivers on its product objectives, but also delivers ease of use. Strategically, Sony has always been positioned as introducing user-friendly technology to the masses, and illustrating that brand positioning succinctly required 'hands-on' proof points. The ability of Macromedia Flash to accommodate unique consumer requirements such as room size, furniture placement, financial considerations, and product specifications was a dramatic marketing enabler."

HUMMER uses Macromedia Flash to enable potential buyers to see the various configurations available for their unique vehicles including body style, exterior color, and additional customisations.

" uses Macromedia Flash to produce a more engaging experience for our visitors," says Lance Elson, interactive manager, HUMMER. "We have a distinctive looking vehicle that begs for a distinctive web experience. The application of Macromedia Flash is probably most evident in the build and price section of our site where visitors can configure the HUMMER of their dreams in a fun series of short steps."

Macromedia Flash MX is available as part of Macromedia Studio MX, which has been adopted by more than 250,000 customers since its introduction in June 2002, making it the most successful offering in Macromedia history. Macromedia Studio MX is available at the current ERP of AUD$1795 (inc. GST) through to 31 December 2002. Effective 1 January 2003 the price will increase to an ERP of AUD$1995 (inc. GST). Education, government, and volume licensing is also available. From 1 January 2003, upgrade prices will also increase from a current ERP of AUD$919 to AUD$1129 (inc. GST) for customers upgrading to Studio MX from two eligible Macromedia products. As an extra incentive to buy or upgrade, anyone purchasing Macromedia Studio MX before the end of the year will receive a copy of Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit Volume 1, at an approximate AUD$200 value, as an added bonus upon registration. The kit is a collection of the latest resources to jumpstart the development of data-rich, interactive applications. More information on this promotion is available at

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