Special edition maximises customers ability to get more done with less, while developers benefit from constant connection to Macromedia resources

SYDNEY, Australia – 11 February 2003 – Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) announces Macromedia FreeHand MX and a special edition of Macromedia Studio MX for Windows as well as Macromedia DevNet, a new subscription service for developers. Macromedia Studio MX Plus, includes Macromedia FreeHand MX, Macromedia Contribute and Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Special Edition at no extra cost. The new Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions service also provides developers and enterprises with an easy way to get the technologies and resources they need to create and deliver great digital experiences.

Developers are creating groundbreaking customer, partner, and employee experiences with the Macromedia MX product family. Rich Internet applications from developers such as Circle, IOKIO, and Webvertising illustrate the business imperative that great experiences build great businesses.

Circle, a Macromedia Alliance partner, is a digital marketing agency that helps customers like IBM, Microsoft, MINI, and Volkswagen create ROI-driven online campaigns. For MINI (http://www.miniusa.com/), Circle enables users to configure a custom car and then send their "personalised MINI" to the dealer network for delivery, using Macromedia Flash MX to update their choices in real-time.

"We wanted to convey the embodiment of the brand, unique design features, and motoring spirit to our technologically advanced users through a simple and engaging user experience," said Cyril Lemaire, consulting director, Circle. "We selected Macromedia Flash because we felt it was the best tool to achieve our objectives and effectively delivered deep information about the product substance, a sense of exploration, and the articulation of MINI's heritage in a fun and intuitive manner."

Macromedia DevNet offers a comprehensive set of tools, servers, extensions, components, and other resources over a one-year annual subscription period. The service also features a personalised subscriber portal that helps reduce administrative overhead and manage software licenses. Subscribers can download their products, upgrades, extensions, and components through the portal and have them mailed on CD.

Macromedia Studio MX Plus now provides customers with software that helps them leverage their existing investments and more efficiently create great user experiences in a time of smaller budgets and development teams. Available for immediate download today from the Macromedia Online Store at http://www.macromedia.com/go/studiomxplus/. Macromedia Studio MX Plus replaces Macromedia Studio MX for Windows.

"Macromedia is focusing all its effort on helping people of all technical skill levels create great experiences," said Norm Meyrowitz, president of products, Macromedia. "With new products and a new subscription service, we are ensuring that everything we do makes our customer's lives easier and gives them more time to focus on their core development work."

BlueGreen Rentals (http://www.bluegreenrentals.com/) is using Macromedia MX technologies to deliver a better experience for its vacation rental and hotel properties. Users can also search the rental database for what type of vacation property interests them, and then complete the reservation using Webvertising's OneScreen technology.

"Once again, we used Macromedia Flash MX and ColdFusion MX to create a rich Internet application that dramatically improves the online reservations experience," said Jim Whitney, CTO, Webvertising, a Macromedia Alliance partner. "Visitors to Bluegreenrentals.com can now find and book a hotel room in six fewer screens than its HTML counterpart. Less waiting is a better experience, which means the guest is more likely to finish the reservation."

"We feel this new search and reservations system will help to significantly improve our conversion ratio," said Lani Liber, vice president of resort services, BlueGreen. "By presenting the user with alternative properties, if what they have selected is not available, we can replicate the cross-selling style used in our call center and deliver it to our users on the web. In combination with the OneScreen calendar that clearly shows what is available, we feel we will be able to convert visitors to sales much more quickly and frequently."

IOKIO built its digital camera finder (http://www.iokio.com/demos/camerafinder/) to showcase its Macromedia Flash development work. The application provides a simple one-page interface to quickly find digital cameras based on multiple criteria.

"We built the camera finder application to showcase the power of using Macromedia Flash MX to deliver intuitive new ways to view and compare products" said Edward Forbes, managing director, IOKIO. "Compared with the web forms and tables used by many commerce sites, this visual, intuitive application clearly provides a better experience."

"With its MX products, Macromedia is enabling developers to create highly interactive, communicative, and refreshingly distinctive web experiences that allow a company to use the web to serve its customers in new or greatly enhanced ways," said Joshua Duhl, contributing analyst, IDC.

Macromedia will continue to make advances across its three major business initiatives: design/development software, information convenience software, and mobile and device software.


Macromedia Studio MX Plus is immediately available from the Macromedia Online Store (http://www.macromedia.com/store/) with pricing at AUD$1995 (ERP inc. GST). Information on upgrading from one or more Macromedia products is available at http://www.macromedia.com/go/studioupgrade/. Government and volume licensing is available.

Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions will be shipping in March. DevNet Subscription pre-orders are available now through the Macromedia Online Store and Macromedia resellers. Macromedia DevNet Professional introductory pricing is US$1,499, with a special upgrade offer for existing Macromedia Studio MX customers at US$599. Annual renewal fees will be US$999. Macromedia DevNet Essentials is available for US$299. Special pricing is available for government and volume customers. Macromedia DevNet is launching in English. Subscribers can also receive their software via download and CD delivery.


Experience matters. Macromedia, Inc. is motivated by the belief that great experiences build great businesses. Our software empowers millions of business users, developers, and designers to create and deliver effective, compelling and memorable experiences - on the Internet, on fixed media, on wireless, and on digital devices. (www.macromedia.com/ap)