To celebrate the launch of our new Components Section, we at are pleased to announce our new Components Competition. The kind people over at Multi Dimensional Media have provided us with two full commercial editions of their amazing Flash Studio Pro software which adds over 200 new FSCommands to Flash's repertoire. So dig up that old tooltip component you made during your lunch hour and submit it via our online submission for a chance to win a great prize.

One copy of Flash Studio Pro will be awarded to the developers of the best two components (as selected by our judges) submitted before the closing date of the competition. It's that simple.

A few simple rules will govern this competition:
- All submissions must be received via the online components submission form by midnight on the 14th April 2003, GMT. (Note that the original deadline of 14th March 2003 was extended to encourage more submissions.)
- The same person can't win both prizes but your best entry will be considered when judging entries, so more submissions may increase your chance of winning.
- You must abide by the terms and conditions of submission listed on the component submission page.
- Your component must be FREE, no demoware, shareware, etc. accepted. Components which include limited free functionality with the option to upgrade will be accepted.

If you have any questions, please let us know via