Drag-and-drop image converter and tiny SWF enable instant zoom and pan on images of ANY size.

Santa Cruz, CA – March 9th, 2003 – Zoomify today released a unique image streaming solution for Flash that enables Flash designers and developers to use images megabytes – or even GIGABYTES in size –right in any Web page. Site visitors enjoy instant display, on-demand zoom and pan, and an intuitive interface including toolbar, navigation window, slideshow support, and more. And it’s all free.

“Zoomify is radically changing how Flash designers and developers use images” said David Urbanic, Zoomify’s Founder and President. “Zoomifyer EZ makes poor quality, down-res’d images totally unnecessary – a thing of the past. Flash users can now show the world their photos, maps, scans - whatever – anytime, on any Web server, all right in Flash!”

Zoomifyer EZ makes it possible for Flash to be used not just for world class vector content but for awesome raster/bitmap content as well – content that makes up the vast majority of digital media. Zoomifyer EZ enables anyone building Web pages to apply high-resolution images for medical research microscopy scans, defense aerial photos and raster maps, criminal justice and forensics images, industrial quality assurance images – opening up dramatic new opportunities for Flash designers and developers. The market for image-driven broadband, equipment, technology, services, and content will reach nearly a half trillion dollars by 2004.* Zoomifyer EZ puts Flash at this center of this digital revolution.

Zoomifyer EZ includes:
- Zoomifyer EZ application: instantly convert any image to a folder of JPEGs to stream.
- Zoomify HTML Maker HTML & SWF: automatically make simple HTML for any Web page
- Zoomify Viewer HTML & SWF: tiny Flash file enables interactive zoom, pan, and more!

Zoomifyer EZ is fully functional and totally free. Zoomifyer EZ users can easily upgrade to Zoomifyer for Flash for easily integrated Component with powerful API and complete source code ($129) or to Zoomifyer Enterprise for server-side automation and online annotation ($795). Zoomifyer EZ is available for download at no cost and with no registration hassles at http://www.zoomify.com. Additional information available at: http://www.zoomify.com/ez/.

About Zoomify, Inc.
Zoomify unleashes high-resolution imaging! Zoomify's unique technologies make high-quality images fast and interactive to author, publish, and view. Zoomify’s products meet the high-resolution imaging needs of creative professionals, image-centric businesses, and digital appliance companies. Zoomify is revolutionizing digital imaging in science, business, entertainment, education, and security. Free the pixels!

Press information: http://www.zoomify.com/about/press.asp
Contact: David Urbanic, dave@zoomify.com 877.ZOOMIFY

*Forrester Research, March 2002.