PSD2FLA™, a Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop, Allows Users to Save Their Photoshop Files Directly as Editable Macromedia Flash .fla Files

Longmont, Colorado – July 31, 2002 - Media Lab today announced that their popular Photoshop plug in PSD2FLA is now available for Mac OS X. PSD2FLA provides a new solution to a common Macromedia Flash development bottleneck - how to quickly convert a layered Photoshop design to a layered editable Flash document.

"Ever since we released PSD2FLA on the Windows platform, I've been asked almost daily, 'When will it be available for the Mac?'. In the last few months we've been porting our whole product line to OS X, and today is the day - it's here." said Tom Summerall, President of Media Lab, Inc.

PSD2FLA is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that lets Photoshop users save their designs directly as a Flash movie. The movies are saved in the editable .fla format so they can be opened and animated in Flash. The plug-in is smart, convenient, and fast.

"Right now, a designer who uses Photoshop and wants to convert that design to Flash has a lot of work in front of them," said Chris Perkins, CEO of Media Lab. "The individual layers all have to be exported from Photoshop, then re-imported into Flash, and the already-done work of laying them up has to be performed again. But with PSD2FLA, all of that is accomplished with the click of one button. It’ll even launch the completed .fla file in Flash for you."

Find complete details, including a working demo of the product, at

Since PSD2FLA is a Photoshop plug in, users simply save their Photoshop file in Photoshop, select the File – Export – PSD2FLA menu and decide whether or not they want invisible Photoshop layers exported and the file to be opened in Flash. Once they click OK, the Flash file is built for them automatically. It is important to note that PSD2FLA builds useful editable Flash .fla files, not uneditable .swf files which Flash and other animation packages create for web playback.

- Create a multi-layered Flash 5 .fla file from a multi-layered Photoshop File!
- Flash files are fully editable and ready to go.
- Supports Flash 5 and later (including Flash MX).
- Works in Photoshop 7 on Mac OS X
- Supports Most Photoshop Layer FX.
- Layers positioned in Flash exactly as they are in Photoshop.
- Fash layers are produced with their Photoshop names intact.
- Optionally ignore hidden layers.
- Fast and easy.

To be candidates for PSD2FLA, Photoshop files should be saved in the RGB Image mode.

Pricing and Availability
PSD2FLA 1.0.3 is available now via download. Introductory pricing for the download version is $US 89. PSD2FLA 1.0.3 can be ordered from Media Lab's online store at or by phone at 800-282-5361. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

About Media Lab
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Press Contact
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